St. Robert's Catholic Church Bulletin, April 11, 2004

St. Robert's Catholic Church

1380 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno, CA 94066

Tel: (650) 589-2800

April 11, 2004
Easter Sunday


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Dear Parishioners,

In the Liturgy of the Easter Vigil, we sing:

Rejoice, Heavenly powers!
Sing, choirs of angels!
Exult, all creation around God's throne!
Jesus Christ, our King, is risen!
Sound the trumpet of salvation!

Rejoice, O earth, shining splendor,
Radiant in the brightness of your King!
Christ has conquered! Glory fills you!
Darkness vanishes forever.

Rejoice, O Mother Church! Exult in glory!
The risen Savior shines upon you!
Let this place resound with joy,
Echoing the mighty song of all God's people!

This Easter, as we sing this song of Christ's triumph over sin and over death, we are conscious of the on going sin of terrorism and of the deaths of so many innocent people. Let each one of us join our lives to that of Christ and die to sin so that we can rise to a new life. This is the only way that peace can come to our world. It begins with each of us.

Father Ring


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Monday - April 12
Readings: Acts 2:14,22-33     Mt 28:8-15

Mass Intention
Family Boncic †
Fran Presta †
St. Vincent de Paul 7:30p Mahoney Room
Tuesday - April 13
Readings: Acts 2:36-41     Jn 20:11-18
Mass Intention 6:30
Andie Wong †
Martin Moynihan †
Legion of Mary
Athletic Board
Mahoney Room
Wednesday - April 14
Readings: Acts 3:1-10     Lk 24:13-35
Mass Intention 6:30
Ginny Seyler †
Stanley Friedman †
Choir Practice 7:00p Church

Thursday - April 15
Readings: Acts 3:11-16     Lk 24:35-48

Mass Intention 6:30
Gina Avanzino †
Charles Agius †

Friday - April 16
Readings: Acts 4:1-12     Jn 21:1-14

Mass Intention 6:30
Miro Krsulic †
Fran Presta †
InBetweeners 6:00p Hall

Saturday - April 17
Readings: Acts 4:13-21     Mk 16:9-15

Mass Intention 8:30
Joseph McClelland †
People of St. Robert's

Sunday - April 18
Readings: Acts 5:12-16     Rv 1:9-11a    Jn 20:19-31

Mass Intention 7:30
Caroline Frati †
Carmela Dellegrazie †
Deacon Jack Bourne †
Frank Pisa †
Fil/Am Choir 10:00a Hall

The Church Is Open

St. Robert's is open from before the 6:30 am Mass until 5pm. As you're going from work or school or are on your way to the park, why not come in and thank the Lord for the gift of life and the beauty of these days?

God's peace will refresh you.


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Join us at the next St. Robert's Women's Guild meeting on Monday, April 19th. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and dinner is at 7:30 p.m. Enjoy a delicious dinner and cast your vote for Women's Guild 2004-2005 offices. Please R.S.V.P. to Teresa Nussbaum or email



This event will be held on Saturday, May 1st. The tournament is one of the primary ways in which the Men's Club of St. Robert's raises money to support the athletic and extra curricular activities for the boys and girls of our school. This fundraiser continues to be a success due to the generosity of individuals and businesses in our community. For more information, please call Vico Piccinini. We are in need of Hole Sponsors at $100 per hole.



Saint Robert's Church Library is now open every weekend. If you should desire to check out one of our 570 books at a different time, please make arrangements with Sister Patricia at 589-0104. We greatly appreciate the generosity of all who have donated their books.


May 7th, 7p.m. in the Hall

We would like to invite all the parents of children ages 4 and under to a social event and you can bring your babies. Many of you have suggested that we have this type of an event. This is your chance to socialize and meet other parents and have a good time. We will provide the wine, cheese and crackers, water and soft drinks; you provide the conversation. We hope to have some teens available to help supervise the children. This is a first time event and if you chose we could schedule more opportunities. The choice is yours. Join us and let us know what you think.

Deacon Rusty Duffey


April 14th

We are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you can prepare a favorite cookie, snack or lunch item for 10 to 12 people, please drop it off at the Children's Chapel, in the back of Church, by 9 a.m. on April 14th. Please pack the items in a non-returnable container. Frozen items can be donated.

We appreicate your help!


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Join Catholics from around the state at our Catholic Lobby Day, Tuesday, April 27th in Sacramento. We will be meeting with our state senators and assembly members to discuss legislative issues of particular importance to Catholics. To register and reserve your place on the bus, email or call l(415) 614-5570 no later that April 19th.


April 30th-May 2nd

April 30th-May 2nd in Vallambrosa at Menlo Park. The San Jose - San Francisco Beginning Experience team is offering a very special weekend for separated, divorced and widowed men and women which is designed to be a powerful, positive growth experience. For further information and to request an application, please call Alan at (415) 584-2861.



Divorce Recovery Course offered by the Separated and Divorced Catholics of the Archdiocese of San Francisco provides a chance to understand the emotional journey begun with the loss of a marriage. It will be held Sunday evenings April 25-June 6 and will meet at St. Stephens Church, O'Reilly Parish Center, 451 Eucalyptus, San Francisco from 7-9p.m. The cost of $45 includes materials. To register or for more information, call Susan at (415) 752-1308.


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As a Parish Community, We Pray...for those newly born in the waters of Easter Baptism. May they experience Christ's love and support within our parish family: Amanda Miles, Rachel Miles, Laura Nelson, Tiffany Bevan, Anne Cronister, Shannon Goodearl, Diana E. Rollins, Shane M. Rollins, Kaeley Rollins & Aloam Vacquez



Nicolas William Cilia &
Helena Gill Mifsud



We pray for the ill: Sharon Aiello, Marilyn Arancibia, Gabrielle Ausiello, Brady Avery, Robert Bacci, Genaro Badiable, Lito Badiable, Marcia Bourne, Maricris Candelaria, Arthur Candia, Carmen Capella, Josie Clarke, Nan Connolly, Cindy Corona, Ana Cosgaya, Walton & June Dickhoff, William & Sandra Dill, Carl Edwards, Joyce Flax, Adela Florez, Henry Fosson, Jesse Grube, Denise Hawald, Dominique Hauscarriague,Jr, Viko Ivancich, Joanne Johnson, Koret Koelman, Muriel Krause, Sisilia Langi, Shirley Latham, Josephine Lavoie, Austin Lehman, Marky, Michael Martinez, Kathryn McCann, Daniel McHale, Rosemary McHale, Terry McLeod, Josie Mercado, Mary Novickas, Thomas O'Brien, Lara Pinten, Jason Pimentel, James Piazza, Bill Reilly, Mary Shick, Pauline Speranza, Ron Stern, Justo Tan, Mafi Tukumoatu, Gene VanSlett, Kristi Varni, Don Vickery, Diana Walter, Jennifer Westbrook & Frank Wright.


April 18th

In the early 1930's, Jesus appeared to a Sister in Poland. She is now St. Faustina, the Apostle of Divine Mercy. Jesus asked her to "tell the whole world about My inconceivable mercy". He promised "complete forgiveness of sins and punishment" to those who turn to Him in trust and worthily receivee Him in Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday next Sunday. Confession within a reasonable time before the Feast is sufficient. We must be in the state of grace to receive this extraordinary gift of mercy. Confession takes place at St. Robert's each Saturday from 3:30 - 4:15 pm. Jesus is waiting!


Our sincere sympathy to the family of
Ameila Rudometkin
who died recently.


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Happy Easter!

Last night as I signed our community Easter greetings, I found myself writing: "Easter blessings of joy and hope to you!" The sister, niece and brother-in-law of one of our sisters had spent the night before with us so that the 10 year old could have her third surgery for a detached retina. Scar tissue had grown back inside the eye, so the surgery was necessary. The doctor told them afterwards that he wouldn't do a fourth surgery; if the scar tissue grew back, she would still have her peripheral vision and her good eye would compensate. The mother's response was "Whatever God wills," proclaimed from her deep faith.

What's the connection between this experience and Easter joy? The knowledge that God will be with this family (and every family) no matter what hardships lie ahead. "This is our faith, this is the faith of the Church and we are proud to profess it in Christ Jesus our Lord." The priest makes this statement after the question-and-answer format of the profession of faith, "Do you believe in God, the Father almighty." Our faith is in Christ Risen, God's response to evil, sin and death. God is accomplishing the coming of a world of wholeness, justice, compassion and peace, even when we can barely see signs of it, even when we are tempted to give up. The question is: will we let God use our hands and feet, our voices, our presence to let the world know God is alive and active in our world? Let us be filled with the hope which our world so desperately needs.

Easter Continues!

The Church wisely has us celebrate this feast of the Lord's Resurrection for 50 days, 10 days longer than Lent! Bring a small bottle with you to Mass the next time you come, so you can take home some newly-blest Easter water. Leave your Easter basket on the table, cut fresh flowers if you have a garden, and keep a smile on your face. And continue to pray for those to whom Easter hasn't yet come: those in war-torn countries; refugees; individuals who are alone and afraid. May the Crucified One strengthen them until they experience the joy of his resurrection!

Sister Sheral


Easter flowers will decorate the Church during the Easter Season

Ahern Family in memory of mother of Ian & Andrew & Allison Ahern

Olga Aiello in memory of Mary Kuczka & Tod Aiello

Rob & Cathy Aveson in memory of Pat Forbush, Jim Diggins,

Catherine Oron, Patt Aguirre, Richard P. Norton

Marie Bacigalupi in memory of Andrew Bacigalupi

Ramona Bordin in memory of Alfred Bordin

Vicki Borg in memory of Angela Azzopardi &
in honor of Azzopardi & Borg's family

Evelyn Calhoun in memory of Philip Calhoun

Mr. & Mrs. R. Capella in memory of the Ferrante Family

Walt & Carmen Capella in memory of Capella & Eskro Families

Patricia Casey & Patricia Ann Casey in memory of
Williiam Casey & Elizabeth Casey

Eleanor Cavallero in memory of Giovanni Vaccarezza

The Chasseur Family in memory of
Lillie Chasseur, Ivan Chasseur & Charles Whitney

Don & Donna Cima in memory of Mary Ann Cima

Ed & Joan DeBrincat in memory of Mike & Josephine DeBrincat

Rose Deferville in memory of Roy John Deferville

Walt & June Dickhoff in memory of Herman Dickhoff Family &
Walter Rentmeester Family

Maryanne & Dave Dornlas in memory of Dora Morris & Frank Danna

Michael J. Dower, Sr. in memory of Josephine Mary Dower,
Josephine Dower McAtee, Sarah Dower Sheffield

Doreen L. Dutton in honor of Cataldo Aiello

Alice Foster in memory of her parents

The Carol & Joe Galletta family in memory of Dino Tonelli,
Bill Tonelli, Adele Galletta & Marvin Gardiner

Dolores Gardner in memory of Sharon Gardner

The Giuseponi Family in memory of Charlot Giuseponi & Jacques Louhoo

Evelyn Hart in memory of Edward Hart & Celia Galluzzo

Angela Noe Hekker & Family in memory of
Vincenzo Noe & Rosemary Hekker Nelson

Donation received from Robert and Margaret Jensen

Esther Keck in memory of John Keck

Peggy Kellogg in memory of Kathleen Sullivan & Patrick Murphy

Tim & Joan King in memory of Alice Perry

Mr. & Mrs. John Kitchen & Family in memory of Isabelle Cardinale

Betty Leahy & Family in memory of Timothy P. Leahy

Albert & Rita Lille in memory of Noelle Lille

Giuseppina Malatesta in memory of Marsilia Santarelli

Helen M. Mantler in memory of Ed Mantler,
Robert McKenna & Jeaness McKenna

Bob & Paul Marshall in memory of Don Marshall,
Hank Sari, Augie Bianchi & Angelo Bianchi

Florence Martinez in memory of Diana Martinez

Antonio Doretta Martinucci in memory of Otello Matteucci &
Elena Valentino Matteucci and in honor of
Enrico Franceschi & Dina Angelo Martinucci

Marianne McCarthy in memory of Jack McCarthy &
Bernardine Trenchard

Lulu McLaughlin in memory of Tom McLaughlin

Teena Marty in honor of Leola Marty & family

Jerry & Kathy Moller in memory of Catherine, Mini, Joe & Fred

Bunny Moniz in memory of Alexander Moniz

Dolores Moynihan in memory of Martin Moynihan

Diane Murphy in memory of Phil Murphy

Carlo & Marie Noce in memory of their parents

Dorothy & Joey Nocito in memory of Joe Nocito

Aine O'Brennan in memory of Brenda M. Lawton

Yvonne Olcomendy in memory of
J. Dominique Olcomendy & Brian Olcomendy

Cathleen, Jim, Jimmy, Ryan & Kyle in memory of Leo Pieretti

Carmela Pieretti in memory of Leo Pieretti

Peg Ritner in memory of Ed Ritner

Catherine Roelofesen in memory of Nolle Lille

Elvira Ronzani in memory of Ernest Ronzani

Barbara Rudometkin in honor of the Rudometkin Family

Paul, Linda & Michael Ruggiero in memory of Bruna Giorgi

Lorayne Salvo in memory of Alice Alongi

Olga Samuelsen in memory of Robert Samuelsen

Paul & Judy Scannell in memory of Eileen & Timothy Scannell &
Marie & David Dunn

The Fred Sheppard Family in memory of Al & Erma Paroli

Colleen & Peter Soracco in memory of Elsa Soracco & Dick Shannon

Marie A. Spinetti in memory of Frances & Stanley Fredman &
Theresa & Mario Spinetti

Rita Strehl in memory of Bill Strehl

Arianne, Simone, Marie, Jana & Eric Torres in memory of
Angelina Svedise & Janet Gaines and in honor of
Vince Svedise and Mr. Gaines

Carmen Vellalobos in memory of Victor Manuel Granados

Bob & Jean Waldvogel in memory of Adolph & Rita Fambrini

Judy & Ron Watt in memory of Joe Riccomi & Gene Watt

Candie, Owen & Michael Whooley in memory of
Jim Whooley, Bob Owen, Denis, Maud & Eileen Whooley

Sharon Wilson in memory of Bill Wilson 

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