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"Building for a New Century"

March 9-10, 2002

Issue #8

Another great week - campaign nears $850,000!

As the result of our second consecutive excellent Volunteer Report meeting, the amount of gifts and pledges to "Building for a New Century" has climbed to $848,669! A most heartfelt thanks to all who have participated, and to those who have yet to be contacted, our message remains the same - join us!

Our goal…our NEED

The fact that we are approaching $1.0 million does not mean that the campaign is ending…to the contrary! Remember, our overall need is $1.5 million! The wonderful success we are enjoying has given us a tremendous opportunity…every dollar raised over $1.0 million means we need to use less of our savings!

Our Volunteers

In past issues of this campaign update, we have noted those individuals who are serving as our Team Captains and Leadership Committee members. Today, we'd like to list our Volunteers.

Janet Aldinger

Joan Innes

Carlo Noce

Brenda Balestreri

Rose Jardin

Mike & Noelle Quilici

Pete Beltrano

Mike & Mary Anne Jensen

Liz Rodriguez

Judy Bourne

Anne Johnson

Encar Sanchez

Michael Callicotte

Jim & Mary Kelly

Paul & Mary Scannell

Kathy Carey

Barney Lehane

Rob Scarpino

Arnie Davis

Gerry Lustic

Charlie Scerri

Judy DeMartini

Rob Martinucci

Jim Shick

Gabriel Diaz

Donna McMorrow

Gus Sinks

Famila Dielacher

Arman Medina

Dave Slotnick

Colleen Foglesong

Rico Medina

Fr. Mark Taheny

Matt Gaines

Barbara Mitchell

Kelela Tuuhetoka

Kathy Hanley

David Mitchell

Una Uniacke

Sylvina Goff

Rob Monaghan

Dan Uroz

Vickie Herriott

Bart Murphy

Gene Wheeler

Mari Hethcoat

Joy Murphy

Sharon Wilson

When combined with our 25 Leadership Committee members and 16 Team Captains, nearly 90 parishioners are lending their efforts to "Building for a New Century"! We'd like to thank everyone involved for their tremendous efforts and encourage them to keep up the outstanding work for the final weeks!

Please Pray for the Success of this campaign!

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