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Pastor's Update

Fr. Arnold Zamora

July 31, 2020

Things you may want to know this week.


WOOHOO! Our outside school yard/parish parking lot has been resurfaced and repainted. Our inside school yard playing area has been repainted as well. The new look offers an added attraction as we are about to start a new school year comes August 17th. Something for our school family to be excited with. Thanks to our principal Dr. Patrick Sullivan and his staff for making this happen.


WOOHOO! Our church has been deep cleaned that includes dusting the whole area, removing the cobwebs, washing the stain glass and all windows, shampooing the carpet, scrubbing and waxing the floors, washing and disinfecting the pews, pressure washing the side and front walkways.


WOOHOO! Two deacons Ben Rosado and Ian El-Quinto will be ordained priests for the Archdiocese of San Francisco this Saturday at St. Pius. Rev. Ben Rosado served St. Roberts as our deacon-in-residence last year residing at the parish convent. Due to a capacity allowance, the Ordination Mass is invite only. However, if you’d like to be a part of their ordination, the current plan is for the Mass to be live-streamed on Saturday, August 1st, at 10 AM on St. Pius Parish’s Facebook page and the Archdiocesan YouTube page. Let us welcome them to the Presbyterate of our Archdiocese. Congratulations to our new priests!


HOOHOO! Three priest passed away this week: Fr. Bernard Brennan (07/26), Fr. Gerry O’ Rourke (07/29) and Msgr. Ed McTaggart (07/30). Tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st, we were supposed to have a Funeral Mass for Caroline del Castillo Herbert in the morning and a Memorial Mass for Betty Klingenfuss in the afternoon. But looks like we are shutting the church doors for public worship starting tonight. We are anticipating the additional restriction that would take effect at 12:01 AM on Saturday, August 1st. Regardless, let us pray for our deceased brothers and sisters. May they rest in peace!


HOOHOO! Our Irish Sisters of the Presentation are retiring from St.Roberts after almost 50 years of service. Sr. Antonio Heapy, Sr. Vianney Buckley and Sr. Patricia Sullivan will be moving into a beautiful religious and lay retirement community in Texas this September. Thank you sisters for your years of devoted and fruitful service at St. Roberts. We are reaping the fruits of what you have planted. Well done, good and faithful servants! (Read Deacon Rusty Duffey’s article.)


HOOHOO! If restriction takes effect as scheduled, then we will not be opening the church for in-person worship this Sunday. We can still worship together online via our Facebook page and YouTube Channel. We will livestream our masses just the same: Saturday, 4:30 PM and Sunday, 9:30 AM and 11:30 AM.


I am just so amazed as to how you love our church by your continuous prayer and giving. I deeply appreciate the gesture.

One of the best feelings is waking up and realizing that you can be happy even without the things you think you need.

Problems and hardships will still meet you in the course of the day, but God gives you the spiritual fortitude to endure, survive and yes even to SMILE.

With God's love, everything comes out perfectly all the time. Be strong because God is your stronghold!

-Fr. Arnold

Welcome Fr. Arnold Zamora

Saint Robert's is happy to welcome our new Pastor, Fr. Arnold Zamora. Fr. Arnold Zamora comes to us after serving as Pastor of Holy Name Parish in San Francisco for over 11 years. He and Fr. Boie, both attended the same seminary in the Philippines and were members of the Priest's Choir of the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Fr. Zamora is an accomplished musician, who plays many different instruments. He served in the past, as the Music Director of Star of the Sea Parish in San Francisco.

Fr. Zamora was well loved by his parishioners at Holy Name and they were very sorry to see him transferred.

Let's give Fr. Arnold a warm welcome to St. Robert's, and let's pray for his new ministry here.

Fr. John L. Greene

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2020 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal - goal is $119,261.


Our generous parishioners have pledged $52,733 to date!

CoronaVirus 19 Mass Schedule as of August 1
Masses will only be available



No in Church Masses due to CoronaVirus (on-line only)

Saturday Vigil Mass


No in Church Mass due to CoronaVirus (on-line only)



No in Church Masses due to CoronaVirus (on-line only)

Sacrament of Penance


Please call the parish office at (650) 589-2800 to schedule an appointment.

Community Rosary


Suspended due to CoronaVirus

Perpetual Help Devotion


Suspended due to CoronaVirus

Regular Mass Schedule - SUSPENDED



Monday thru Saturday 8:30am Mass

Saturday Vigil Mass


Saturday 4:30pm Mass


Sunday 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am & 5:00pm Masses

Sacrament of Penance


Saturday 3:30pm to 4:15pm (Anytime by appointment-call the Rectory)

Community Rosary


Weekdays at 8:10am

Perpetual Help Devotion


Tuesdays after 8:30am the Mass



There is a period of preparation for the celebration of this Sacrament. Parents are required to attend a Pre-Baptismal class. Contact the Parish Office in advance to make arrangements.


High School Students should call the Religious Education Office or view the Religious Education page for more information.
Adult confirmation is available on an individual basis. Please contact Sister Sheral at:


Our Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring the Eucharist to the sick or homebound. Contact the Parish Office.


Call the Parish Office in case of serious illness and before surgery and hospital care.


There is a six month period of preparation for the celebration of this Sacrament. Contact the Parish Office to make arrangements.

Parish Office: (650) 589-2800

Rev. Arnold Zamora, Pastor

Rev. Boie Espeleta, Parochial Vicar

Rev. Vincent Ring, Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Stewart Wilber, Sunday Assistant

Deacon Rusty Duffey, Pastoral Associate

Deacon John Meyer, Pastoral Associate

Sister Patricia O'Sullivan, PBVM, Pastoral Associate for Grief Counseling

Sister Sheral Marshall, OSF, Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and R.C.I.A.

Sister Antonio Heaphy, PBVM, in residence

Sister Vianney Buckley, PBVM, in residence

Ms. Rose Aragon, Office Administrator

Mrs. Judy DeMartini, Parish Receptionist / Bookkeeper

Patrick Sullivan, School Principal (K-8)

Ms. Joanne Bartolotti, Director, Parish School of Religious Education (C.C.D.)

Mrs. Leslie Fong, Office Manager. Parish School of Religious Education (C.C.D.)

Mr. Kevin Imbimbo, Parish Music Ministry

Priests and other Parish Leaders

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