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"Building for a New Century"

January 26-27, 2002

Issue #2

Campaign Goals!

"Building for a New Century" will address the most urgent needs of our worship family as well as satisfy this year's AAA commitment. Our goals are:


Establishing a new Parish Education Center - The new, 3900 square foot Parish Education Center, to be built behind the convent where the present large garage is located, will consist of a large Multi-purpose room, a Computer room, and a new Kindergarten room.

  • Multi-purpose room - During the school day, it will be used for science, smaller reading and math groups, art, and other programs. After school hours, the multi-purpose room will be utilized for Adult and Religious Education classes and Parish meetings.

  • Computer room - This will provide the capability for instruction of an entire class simultaneously; currently, computer instruction is held in the convent basement, which is too small. The computer room will be available for adult computer classes during the summer.

  • New Kindergarten room - This modernized room will have a larger play area, and everything inside it - sinks, restrooms, etc. - will be tailored to the youngest members of our school community.

  • The present Kindergarten room will be remodeled into a large Religious Education Office and a teachers' lunch/work room. The present Religious Education Office will become a reading center, and the present teachers' room will become the counselor's office.


Satisfying our commitment ($84,000) to the 2002 Archdiocesan Annual Appeal - There will be no separate campaign this year.

Have you seen the drawings?

Late last week, we received the architect's renderings of what our parish plant will look like when the new Parish Education Center is built. The drawings were unveiled last weekend, and they are on display in the vestibule, next to the Reconciliation Room. Take a look! They are also available on this WEB site.

Questions & Answers…


What is the financial goal of this campaign?


The total cost of the new Center - including soft costs and contingencies - is about $1,300,000. When combined with other, related expenses and our $84,000 AAA commitment, our total need is approximately $1,500,000. By applying some parish savings, our campaign goal is $1,000,000.



Who will be asked to give? When will the members of St. Robert's be approached?


Every member of the St. Robert's family will be given the opportunity to participate. Due to our size, members will be approached in stages during January, February, and March. The campaign will conclude by Easter!

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