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Mass Intentions - July 25 thru July 31
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People of St. Robert's

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Mary De La Torre

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People of St. Robert's


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February 25, 2021

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St. Robert Parish and School Festival

Friday, Sept 17th thru Sunday Sept.19th.


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Pastor's Update

Fr. Arnold Zamora

July 23, 2021

Things you may want to know this week.


FINALLY! Last Monday, the St. Robert Men’s Club was able to meet for a night of food, drinks, conversation and baseball. It was a lively evening with over 45 men happy to see each other and welcoming new members such as fathers of the incoming Kindergarten class. There was no better way to end the evening than with the Giants beating the Dodgers! Tuesday, representatives from 3 companies with Steve Bowers, the Director of Building Construction of the Archdiocese and Rob Aveson, our Parish Pastoral Council chair, conducted a “walk through” in our church as part of the bidding process for our church heating system project. We hope to get 3 bids within 3 weeks


FINALLY! We had our first of two Introduction to Altar Server’s Ministry meeting. Thank you to Mr. Lawrence Kong-Ellison, our new Altar Servers’ coordinator, who organized and trained the youth of our parish at last Tuesday’s meeting. We had a total of 20 kids from 4th grade to High School who participated, 13 new and 7 returning. The second Introduction to Altar Serving meeting for those who were not able to make it last Tuesday will take place in early September. Saturday and Sunday Masses will start having Altar Servers on Saturday, September 18 at the 8:30AM mass.


FINALLY! Next week there will be thirteen priests staying in our parish convent and rectory for a priests’ reunion. The priests from the Province of Bohol in the Philippines (PB-USA), where Fr. Boie and I are from, serve many parishes and institutions in the United States and Canada. The PB-USA gathers annually to share their faith, fellowship, and friendship to better serve their respective communities. The 35th annual PB-USA reunion (which was postponed last year due to the pandemic) will be held in San Francisco on July 26 - 30, 2021. St. Robert’s is hosting the whole group on Wednesday, July 28th and Thursday morning on July 29th. Thank you to the In-Betweeners for feeding the group breakfast on both days and the Fil-Am Group for sponsoring the Wednesday luncheon.


FAMILY! The USCCB has designated July 25 - 31 as Natural Family Planning (NFP) Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “To Have, To Hold, To Honor” because NFP allows married couples to speak “the language of the body” in truth. It allows them fully to have, to hold, and to honor each other by supporting God’s gifts of love and life in marriage. Our parishioner, Barbara Villalobos, has prepared a short informative Q&A handout that covers the basics of NFP and the Church's teachings with regards to NFP and married love.

Fr. Arnold

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Fr. Arnold Zamora

(Father Arnold Zamora)

July 23, 2021

Dear parishioners and friends of St. Roberts,

Simple are the needs in life:
A mind peaceful enough to think & imagine;
A heart happy enough to love & care;
A body healthy enough to move & work.
Wealth that is enough to share;
Faith in Jesus that transform lives.

Have a blessed life!

Fr. Arnold

July 5, 2021


New reflections are available frequently!

Sr. Sheral Marshall

Saint Robert Mass Update!
June 18, 2021

New Mass Protocols during Covid issued by Archdiocese

  • Sunday Mass Obligation restored June 27, 2021.
    • Those who are sick are always dispensed from in-person Mass attendance.
    • Those who fear a serious infection possibility are also not bound by the obligation--this is always the case for any possible infection.
  • Mask optional for those who have been fully Vaccinated.
    RECOMMENDED for those not fully Vaccinated.

  • Maintain Social Distancing of three Feet.

  • Hand Sanitizing required entering Church. Sanitizer available in Vestibule.

Mass Schedules
Most Masses will be available On-Line
Sunday 7:30am and 5:00pm Masses are NOT available On-Line.



Monday thru Saturday 8:30am Masses

Saturday Vigil Mass


Saturday 4:30pm Mass



Sunday 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am and 5:00pm Masses

Sacrament of Penance


Saturday 3:30pm thru 4:15pm

Community Rosary


Monday thru Friday before the 8:30am Masses

Perpetual Help Devotion


Wednesday after the 8:30am Mass



There is a period of preparation for the celebration of this Sacrament. Parents are required to attend a Pre-Baptismal class. Contact the Parish Office in advance to make arrangements.


High School Students should call the Religious Education Office or view the Religious Education page for more information.
Adult confirmation is available on an individual basis. Please contact Sister Sheral at:


Our Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring the Eucharist to the sick or homebound. Contact the Parish Office.


Call the Parish Office in case of serious illness and before surgery and hospital care.


There is a six month period of preparation for the celebration of this Sacrament. Contact the Parish Office to make arrangements.

Parish Office: (650) 589-2800

Rev. Arnold Zamora, Pastor

Rev. Boie Espeleta, Parochial Vicar

Rev. Vincent Ring, Pastor Emeritus

Rev. Stewart Wilber, Sunday Assistant

Deacon Rusty Duffey, Pastoral Associate

Deacon John Meyer, Pastoral Associate

Sister Sheral Marshall, OSF, Pastoral Associate for Liturgy and R.C.I.A.

Ms. Rose Aragon, Office Administrator

Mrs. Judy DeMartini, Parish Receptionist / Bookkeeper

Patrick Sullivan, School Principal (K-8)

Mr. Lawrence Kong-Ellison, Director, Parish School of Religious Education (C.C.D.)

Mrs. Leslie Fong, Office Manager. Parish School of Religious Education (C.C.D.)

Priests and other Parish Leaders

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