Saint Robert's Catholic Church

revised February 2, 2016


Arrive at Church 15 minutes before the start of Mass.

At 4:30pm, 9:00am, 10:30am, Noon and 5:30pm Mass make sure there is a window open in each bank of windows. Do this BEFORE - not during Mass.

Be sure large wicker basket, bags and baskets for taking up the collection are ready and available. Put bulletins (about 30) in the boxes by each side door.

If four of the regular ushers are not present, ask a sufficient number to help with the collection and perform usher duties listed on this sheet.

Please ask two people to bring up the gifts at the Presentation of Gifts. (Tell them their cue is to pick up the gifts when the priest or deacon goes to the altar.) The Gift bearers are to bring the gifts to the priest or deacon at the altar.

After completing the above, stand outside of the three doors, on the top step, and welcome the people - - - with "Good Morning (Evening)" or "Hello" or "How are you?", SMILE!!!

After the Procession of Ministers and Priest enters the body of the Church, put bulletins on shelf and table in the vestibule and close the inside doors. At 9:00am Mass only, close all outside doors, except for the door on the school side of the Church.


After closing the doors, please go to a pew near the back of Church, or sit with your family. DO NOT STAND AGAINST THE BACK WALL.

When taking up the collection, all four ushers proceed together to the first pew, down the aisles where they will be collection. When the ushers reach the first pew, they are to pause for five seconds and then genuflect, turn and begin passing the collection basket.

If there is a Second Collection, it will be taken up immediately following the First Collection. Again, remember to pause for 30 seconds. A list of Second Collections is posted on the usher information board.

The money collected is to be put into the collection bags. The bags then are placed into the large wicker collection basket and carried to the altar. The usher bows (not genuflects) and sets the basket on the floor in front of the altar. This is the duty of the Head Usher. EXCEPTION: 9:00am Children's Mass --- Put the wicker basket next to the ambo, because of the number of children around the altar.


As the Procession nears the dividing aisle of the Church, open the main inside doors. At the 9:00am Mass, open outside doors as well.

Pick up copies of our Sunday bulletin. Hand them to each person leaving Church. Please be friendly and smile.

Following the 4:30pm Mass on Saturday and the 5:30pm Mass on Sunday, please close ALL windows.