St. Robert's Church Bulletin, August 29, 1999

St. Robert's Catholic Church

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AUGUST 29, 1999
Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Dear Parishioners,

Summer is drawing to an end and, as a result, Parish life comes back to full life.

First, I would like to thank all those who worked so hard during the summer months on maintaining and improving the Parish plant - there are beautiful new floors in the kindergarten classroom and the meeting room in the convent, a new janitorial closet in the hall, countless improvements in the electrical system in the school and convent, a new handrail for easier access to the ambo (pulpit) and metal support bars in the bathrooms of the Church, new lockers and "cubby holes" for the younger grades in the school, the flag pole in the school yard has been fixed and a new door for the library has been installed. The big project was the painting of the hall so that it will look beautiful for the 50th anniversary celebration Sept. 11th. I am sure that I forgot other projects accomplished by the generous gifts of talent and time of parishioners. Thank you one and all.

Thank you also to those who have worked so hard on the Parish Picnic, the 50th anniversary celebration, RENEW, the major campaign drive for the Archdiocese schools and other projects that continued through the summer months. It shows that Parishes might slow down during the summer but they don’t die.

This past Sunday at the 5:30 p.m. Mass we gave special recognition to Ben and Lisa Baldonado for their contribution the past several years to the Junior High and High School students of our Parish. They gave countless hours to helping the youth learn more about their Faith, to serve the needy of the community and to share a good time with each other. Their dedication has been an inspiration to me and to all of us. They are not moving. They felt it was time for them to participate in other ministries of the Parish. We need now adults to come forward who would be willing to work with the youth of the Parish, especially in regards to small group discussions in regard to areas of interest to teens, to help with service projects and to help arrange social events. Please contact me if you would be willing to help. Father Taheny will be the priest mentor to the youth programs.

Your generosity to the special collection for the people of Turkey shows the great compassion that is a sign of our Parish vitality. At this time, we are forwarding $4,398.00 to the Archdiocese to send immediately to viable programs for the people who are suffering. If you did not have a chance to make a contribution, send it to the Parish Office and we will forward it. Thank you

Father Ring



Ezekiel 33:7-9; Romans 13:8-10; Matthew 18:15-20



"Did You Know? . . ."

Did you know that the English word "Church" is derived most directly from the German word "Kirche," which in itself comes from the Greek word "Kyriake," which means "what belongs to the Lord." "Kyriake" was used synonymously with the word "Ekklesia," a Greek word used to describe the assembly of Israelites on Mt. Sinai as the Chosen People of God. "Ekklesia" refers to them being called together and chosen by God to be a sign to the world. That’s us now as "the Church!" - Pat Kelly


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Monday 6:30 No Intention
8:30 Mary Kuczka
Tuesday 6:30 Special Intention
8:30 Dan Ansaldi †
Wednesday 6:30 No Intention
8:30 Manuel Falzon †
Thursday 6:30 Marie L. Samish †
8:30 Ronald Yoest †
Friday 6:30 Margaret Marucco †
8:30 Guisseppe Lucarotti †
Saturday 8:30 Patrick Donegan †
4:30 Wally Semeniuk †
Sunday 7:30 People of St. Robert's
9:00 Patrick Donegan †
10:30 Giuseppe Pignati †
12:00 Dan Ansaldi †
5:30 Ann Bozzini †

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**We are pleased to have married:
Matthew McGinn & Joan Calleja and George Flores & Irene Louise Loncaric Congratulations!

**We welcome into the family of God: Mattew Kucsak, who was baptized in Christ.

**We pray for the ill: Tony Coogan, Koret Koelman, Terry McLeod, Adela Florez, Ana Cosgaya, Peter Capodonicco, Rosemary McHale, Arthur Candia, Bastiaan Blumenthal, Muriel Krause, Sister Cabrini, Don Vickery, Jeanne McHugh, Catherine Cook, Ann Burns, Imelda Daly, Gene Martin, Margarita Velez, Marky, Marlyn Arancibia, Marcia Bourne, Sandra Dill .

**We pray for the repose of the soul of: Linda Lombardi Calleja.

As a Parish Community, We Pray

For our sisters and brothers - God’s daughters and sons - who are ill and in pain. May our works of love touch them and lighten their cross.



Many benefits arise from spending time in Jesus’ presence. We come to the realization of the intimacy of the union between Him and ourselves, which results in a oneness of feeling that will surely affect our spiritual life. We will ask more confidently for an increase of His grace. It will help us to unburden ourselves of difficulties and trials; rid us of apprehension, the gloom of uncertainty, and the anguish of doubt. Jesus will strengthen and calm us and urge us to grow in love for Him and for one another. Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament will take place on Saturday, September 4th, following the 8:30 AM Mass and closing with Benediction at 10 AM. All are invited. .

Dear Friends,

Today’s readings are very interesting. Have you ever been talked into something and then realized that you had bitten off more than you could chew? That is just how Jeremiah feels in the First Reading. He accuses GOD of deceiving him. It is a bold complaint. He is so angry that he wants to stop preaching and being a prophet. Nobody wants to hear his message. But God’s word is so powerful that he cannot hold it in. How about you? Does the power of that word burn within you?

In last Sunday’s Gospel the disciples recognized Jesus as the Messiah. What kind of Messiah? They were not ready for Jesus’ explanation. He prepares them for His rejection, His death and His resurrection. This is more than Peter can fathom and he protests. "God forbid it, Lord. This must never happen to you." Jesus responds by calling him Satan. Strong word!

What gets in our way of following Jesus? We must accept the cross. The great temptation is to seek the kingdom some other way. But there is no other way. Our cross means living our day-to-day life, with its ups and downs, as best we can. The last line of the Gospel tells us that we will be repaid.

One day at a time is not too demanding. Let’s try it as the new school year gets us back into routine.

Every good wish,
Sister Ita



Registration for all grades K thru 5, Junior High and Confirmation have been mailed out to all families. We would appreciate receiving the completed forms at our office as soon as possible. Classes for students in K thru 5 will start Tuesday, Sept. 21st, and Thursday, Sept. 23rd. Students in Junior High and Confirmation Program will receive information in the mail regarding starting dates. For further information call the Religious Education office at 588-0477.


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St. Robert School will open for the 1999-2000 school year on Monday, August 30th, at 8:05 AM. All parents are invited to our Opening Day Breakfast at Hennessy Hall following the 8:30 AM Mass. Our Opening School Mass will be on Friday, September 3rd, at 8:30 AM. All parents are welcome to attend. Back to School Night for parents will be held on Tuesday, September 7th, at 7:00 PM in Hennessy Hall.

St. Robert School, mindful of its mission to be witness to the love of Christ for all, admits students of any race, color, and national and/or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded to or made available to students at this school. St. Robert School does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, and national and/or ethnic origin, age, sex or disabilty in adminstration of educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.



Sat. Oct. 23rd at USF from 8:30 a.m.-11 p.m. with Bishop John Wester as keynote speaker - workshop sessions on Social Teachings of the Church, Intimacy, Sexuality and Relationships & An Ethic for Life, Grief & Relationships, Inner Freedom: Dreams, Discernment, & Life Choices, Music and Church. Mass and dinner dance. Cost is $35 ($45 after Oct. 1st). Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Visit the website at or call (415) 675-5900 for further information.


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Wed., Sept . 1st 7pm in Hennessy Hall. Learn about small faith communities within St. Robert’s that offer support and encouragement to know Jesus better and live the gospel messages. Bring your favorite dessert to share at this RENEW Evening. All current RENEW participants are invited.


Alumni, Family and Friends of St. Robert School.

The 50th Anniversary of St. Robert’s School will be celebrated on Saturday, Sept. 11th. If you are not currently receiving the St. Robert School newsletter, Bears Repeating, or other school mailings, please let us know. We want to ensure that you are included in this very special celebration. We are also in need of addresses for those alumni who live out of the area, as well as school memorabilia. To help out or to get more information, please call the Parish Office at 589-2800.



Time is drawing closer for "The Greatest Show on Earth", coming to St. Robert’s on Sept. 24, 25 & 26, and your help is needed in the Food and BBQ booth. Please call Louise & Ray Downs if you can help for a couple of hours.


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6:30-8PM, Legion of Mary....Library
7PM, 50th Reunion Mtg.....Hall

6:30-9PM, Renew "Mission"....Hall

7-9PM, RCIA.....Chapel
7-9PM, Bob’s Club.....Hall
7-9PM, Parish Planning Committee...Library

9-10AM, Eucharistic Adoration....Church

10-11:30AM, Fil/Am Choir....Hall

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