St. Robert's Church Bulletin, July 11, 1999

St. Robert's Catholic Church

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JULY 11, 1999
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Dear Friends,

Keep your eyes peeled for Fr. Mark Taheny, our newest parochial vicar. I think I can safely speak for all the staff members who write this column in saying, "Welcome, Father Mark! We are happy and blessed to have you at St. Robert’s!"

As we enter into the second half of 1999, I’m thinking about our celebration of the Christian Jubilee Year 2000. The celebration of the Jubilee will actually begin this year on Christmas Day and continue until January 6 (Epiphany), 2001. It’s not too late to begin preparing our special celebrations for the Jubilee, but time is certainly running short for making a spiritual preparation for the Jubilee.

For this final year before the Jubilee, Pope John Paul II has called us to work on our relationship with God the Father and to give special attention to reconciliation. While it is always important to say, "I’m sorry," for any harm we have caused, it is also important to remember that the burden of reconciling actually falls upon the one who has been hurt. In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God is the reconciler. With family, friends, and coworkers, Jesus calls us to be the reconcilers if we are the ones who have been offended.

Last week Fr. Ring gave us a wise little list of ingredients to happiness. At the risk of ruining its simplicity, we might want to add, "Let go of any grudges. Get rid of your enemies by making them your friends." Instead of waiting angrily for someone else to apologize, go to the other to let them know he or she has hurt you, but that you want to heal that hurt. That takes true strength. There are very few things more powerful than the power to forgive.

Finally, let yourself be reconciled to God if you need that. We frequently hear about celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation during Lent and Advent, but why not now, during the Summer, the Ordinary ("Counting") Time of the year? It might be a great way for you to prepare for the future Jubilee, but it also will make your present days far more enjoyable.

Pat Kelly



Wisdom 12:13, 16-19; Romans 8:26-27; Matthew 13:24-43



How awesome it is that Christians have been gathering to celebrate Eucharist for thousands of years! Our roots for gathering even go beyond the first little Sunday meetings for "the breaking of the bread" in people’s homes. Our Liturgy of the Word reflects the tradition of the Jewish synagogue service, and the Eucharistic Sacrifice reflects, in part, the tradition of Jewish Temple offerings. Whether it has been in a home, synagogue, temple, or present day church, the Jews or Christians who have gathered for worship and prayer have done so as God’s unified people. Today, we people of faith need to be the ones defining the "corporate mentality." A corporation is a single body. St. Paul has told us, "We, though many parts, are one body." How do you see St. Robert’s community? As a group of individuals or as a true communal body? How is it reflected in our Sunday gatherings? - Pat Kelly


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Monday 6:30 Bernice Maron †
8:30 Charles Agius †
Tuesday 6:30 Fred Adams †
8:30 Joseph Kuczka †
Wednesday 6:30 Ann Bozzini †
8:30 Tony Busuttil †
Thursday 6:30 James Bonnardel †
8:30 Jane Lambert †
Friday 6:30 No Intention
8:30 Enese Parenti †
Saturday 8:30 Paul & Rosina Vella †
4:30 Tom Clark †
Sunday 7:30 Madge Caughman †
9:00 Mary Rose Vouvalikes †
10:30 Maria Spencer †
12:00 Richard Ribero †
5:30 People of St. Robert's

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**We pray for the ill Blake Interdonato, Tony Coogan, Koret Koelman, Terry McLeod, Adela Florez, Ana Cosgaya, Peter Capodonicco, Rosemary McHale, Arthur Candia, Bastiaan Blumenthal, Muriel Krause, Sister Cabrini, Don Vickery, Jeanne McHugh, Catherine Cook, Ann Burns, Imelda Daly, Gene Martin, Margarita Velez , Marky, Marlyn Arancibia, Dorothy Hasselback & Marcia Bourne.

As a Parish Community, We Pray

For nations and cities marked by religious and racial prejudice and strife. May differences no longer divide us and hatred no longer defeat us.



THIS WEEKEND The Little Sisters of the Poor will take up a collection at all the Masses. Your support will enable them to continue their work of caring for the elderly poor. Any assistance you are able to give will be deeply appreciated. Blessings! 



Dear Parishioners,

Thank you to all who filled out the questionnaire that was in the bulletin two weeks ago. There are some wonderful suggestions and comments that will benefit me and others on the Parish staff. If you have not yet turned in your questionnaire, please do so as soon as possible. If you did not receive one or lost it, extra copies are in the book rack in the vestibule. Thank your for your help.

Fr. Marini will be on vacation the next few weeks. Say a prayer that he gets a good rest and returns home safely. I always wondered how you can have a vacation when you are retired. I always thought retirement was one long vacation! Maybe I’ll find out in a few years when my turn comes.

Fr. Ring



Hi God, Could you help my dog fight his arthritus. And maybe when my mom quits her job could you make her have a baby. And please don’t let us move. Pretty Pretty Please!

I’m sorry I’m bragging but I really want my letter to come true!



To develop music for our children, teens, and young adults, we are looking for the following:

Small percussion instruments
shakers, tamborines, maracas, bongos, chimes, claves, cowbells, etc.

Electronic DJ & PA equipment
Turntable, mixer, amplifier, PA speakers

Please, we need only items in usable or working condition. Donations of these items or cash donations for their purchase are tax-deductible. Please call Pat Kelly at 589-2800 to make arrangements for all donations. Thank you!



Father Donald Webber C.P., a Passionist Missionary, will preach the annual mission collection at all the Masses on the week-end of July 17th and 18th. Father Webber will present the needs of the Passionist Missions of Holy Cross Province. A special collection will be taken up to support their missions.

The Passionists are a world-wide Community in 53 different countries. Their mid-west Province, with headquarters in Chicago, IL., have overseas missions in India, Africa, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, the West Indies and in Alabama. Please welcome Father Webber and be generous to their missions.



Are you a regular or semi-regular usher at Mass? If so, please plan to attend a brief meeting with Pat Kelly on Sunday, July 25th, in the Reconciliation Room 5 minutes after each Mass. Come after whichever Mass you attend that day. We will put together a roster and update the procedures. If you cannot attend, please call Pat Kelly at 589-2800.



Sunday, August 15th, we will have tables set up outside church after Masses with information about many of our ministries. Stop at one or all of them to get info about how we can serve you or how you can get involved.



The 50th Anniversary of St. Roberts School will be celebrated on Saturday, Sept. 11th. If you are not currently receiving the St. Robert School newsletter, Bears Repeating, or other school mailings, please let us know. We want to ensure that you are included in this very special celebration. We are also in need of addresses for those alumni who live out of the area, as well as school memorabilia. To help out or to get more information, please call the Parish Office at 589-2800



Come join the Men’s club on July 12th for a barbecue. All men of the parish are invited. For reservations please call Al Ciraulo. The evening starts at 6:30 p.m. and the cost is $5.00 per person. If you are still in town come on down!



It’s our pleasure to again assist the San Mateo County Aids Clinic with their lunch program. We are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you can prepare a favorite cookie, snack or lunch item for 10 to 12 people, please drop it off at the children’s chapel, in the back of the church by 9:15 AM on July 14th. Please pack the items in a non-returnable container. Frozen items can be donated; they will be saved for a day when no other food is provided.. Once again, thanks for all your help - it’s much appreciated.


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6:30 P.M., Mens Club....Hall
7:30-9 P.M. St. Vincent de Paul....Library

6:30-8PM, Legion of Mary....Library

WEDNESDAY, July 14th
9-9:30 A.M. Grief Group....Chapel

10-11:30 Fil/Am Choir...Hall

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