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MARCH 8, 1998
Second Sunday of Lent


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Dear Parishioners,

The Parish Mission was a great success. Many people have told me that the talks of Fr. Allender were truly moving and have had an impact upon their lives. I want to thank, in a special way, Sister Columba who arranged for Father to come and who coodinated the week. All of us are also grateful to the Teen Club for providing child care. One night forty children were watched over. We will make plans for another Parish Mission in the year 2000.

The pews of the Church are being refinished. Ten pews or so will be done each week so we will be finished by Easter. A parishioner who wishes to remain anonymous made a donation of $10,000 to make this possible.Please say a prayer asking God to bless this person. The additional cost of $15,000 will be taken from the capital expense budget. Thanks to all of you for your weekly generosity.

I hope that more families will join in making a contribution to the Annual Appeal of the Archbishop. My hope is that 500 families will help us reach our assessment of $69,000. Please remember that you do not have to make your complete donation at this time. You can plan to give a certain amount each month.

This second week of Lent our theme again centers on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Try to put this week’s gift into practice at home and at work.

This week’s gift of the Holy Spirit: RIGHT JUDGMENT Decisions! From the time we decide to get up and out of bed, we make choices. Modern technology facilitates quick decisions. A computer can process thousands of bits of information in a second. God doesn’t always act so quickly. God worked on the Grand Canyon for years and years. God waited countless generations before sending Jesus. And one thing God is really slow at is anger! Time after time the Bible describes our God as a God who is slow to anger. Right Judgment helps us avoid rash judgments.

The Spirit of Right Judgment is the gift to make good choices—to make God’s choices. Many times our decisions seem to be based on merely one thing: money. We choose the career where we will make the most money. We buy the bottle of milk that will save us the most money. Money seems to determine how much time we spend with our families. The Gift of Right Judgment helps us seek God’s counsel, God’s advice. Right judgments are made in the light of God’s great Final Judgment.

Idea: This week I will pray about my biggest life decisions: family, vocation, career.

Prayer: God of Right Judgment, you are slow to anger and quick to forgive. May your Holy Spirit of Right Judgment free us from all resentment and prejudice.

Fr. Ring



Join us this Wednesday, March 11, and every 2nd Wednesday in the Convent Chapel at 7:00 PM. Questions? Call Sr. Mary at 588-0477.



The St. Robert’s Women’s Guild will be feasting on corned beef and cabbage at their next meeting on March 9th in Hennessy Hall. The doors open at 6:30 PM to no-host cocktails with dinner being served at 7:00 PM. Come for a sneak preview of the upcoming fashion show—"A Salute to the Four Seasons". For reservations at $8 per person, please call Kerry Hansell.



Family photographs will be taken for the new 1998 edition of the St. Robert’s Church Parish Directory. Photo dates will be May 17, 18, 22, 23, & 24 and June 6 & 7. Please mark your calendars. More details to follow. If you would like to volunteer to work on the Directory, please call the Parish Office at 589-2800.



THANK YOU to the adult supervisors and the teenagers who helped provide child care during our Parish Mission. Your help, concern, and true commitment were appreciated. It made a big difference for our families. Thank you also to those who helped with hospitality and publicity.



ABSTINENCE: Everyone fourteen years of age and older is bound to abstain from meat on ASH WEDNESDAY, the FRIDAYS of Lent and GOOD FRIDAY.

FAST: Everyone eighteen years of age and older but under the age of sixty is also bound to fast on ASH WEDNESDAY and GOOD FRIDAY.

On these two days, the law of fast allows only one full meal a day, but does not prohibit taking some food during the day, so long as this does not constitute another full meal. Drinking liquids during the day is permitted.

When health or ability to work would be seriously affected, the law does not oblige. In doubt concerning fast or abstinece, a priest assigned to pastoral ministry or confessor should be consulted. In the spirit of penance, the faithful should not lightly excuse themselves from this obligation.


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Monday 6:30 Evelyn Millanueva †
8:30 Charles Agius †
Tuesday 8:30 Ben Giuliani †
Wednesday 8:30 Fr. Edward Cleary †
Thursday 8:30 David Orozco †
Friday 8:30 Michael David Yanke
Saturday 4:30 Mary & Paul Galea †
Sunday 7:30 Lorraine Tognatti †
9:00 Clotilde Obar †
10:30 Antoinette Borg †
12:00 Leticia Radmilovich †
5:30 People of St. Robert


We pray for the ill: Koret Koelman, Terry McLeod, Helen Miller, Adela Florez, Ana Cosgaya, Peter Capodonicco, Rosemary McHale, Arthur Candia, Margarita Velez,Terri Imboden, and Sandra Dill .

We pray: God of Right Judgment, You are slow to anger and quick to forgive. May your Holy Spirit of Right Judgment free us from all resentment and prejudice.



On Wednesday, March 11, it’s St. Robert’s turn to provide lunch for the County AIDS Clinic. Please bring an entree, salad, side dish or dessert to the bench in the Little Church vestibule by 9 AM for pickup and delivery to the Clinic. Hot dishes should be delivered cold with instructions for reheating. Many thanks! Next month’s lunch is on April 8.



>All are invited to come to the Church for Stations of the Cross at 5:30 PM, each Friday during Lent. After this time of reflection and prayer, share a sacrificial meal of soup, salad, bread and fruit with your St. Robert’s family. We ask that you donate what you would have spent on your Friday dinner to our St. Vincent de Paul Society, who will provide food where it is most needed. There will be a basket in Hennessy Hall for your gift. Hosting Soup Supper on March 13 will be St. Vincent de Paul and the Women’s Guild.



Rev. Steve Meriwether from the Office of the Tribunal and Carmen Neafsey from the Family Life Office will offer an evening of prayer and reflection on the U.S. Bishops’ Pastoral, Always our Children on Thursday evening, March 19. This evening is for parents who would like a safe place to begin to reflect on their role as parents of gay and lesbian children. The evening will be an opportunity for pastoral help, spiritual guidance and prayer. We will begin at 7:30 PM and end at 9:30 PM in the church. If you would like more information about the evening, please call: (415) 565-3688.


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Women’s Guild...6:30 PM, Hall
St. Vincent de Paul...7:30 PM, Library

Cheerleading...3:15 PM, Hall
Legion of Mary...6:30 PM, Library
Confirmation, Phase II(9th grade)...7:00 PM, Hall

Fashion Show Practice...7:00 PM, Hall
Choir Practice...7:30 PM, Church

Cheerleading...3:15 PM, Hall
R.C.I.A....7:00 PM, Convent Chapel
FilAm...7:30, Hall

Children’s Choir Practice...2:50, Church
Stations of the Cross...5:30 PM, Church
Soup Supper...6:00 PM, Hall
Fashion Show Practice...8:00 PM, Hall

FilAm Choir Practice...10:00 AM, Hall
Track Breakfast...8:00 AM, Hall


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We welcome you into St. Robert’s Family and ask that you complete a registration form (found in the vestibule of the church). Drop it either in the collection basket, in the mail, or at the Parish office. We will mail a New Parishioner Packet with information about the Parish, its organizations and groups.

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