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JANUARY 11, 1998


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Dear Parishioners,

Thank you for your generosity to our Parish at Christmas. Our collection was the largest ever and will make it possible to keep the programs of our Parish growing - for instance, we are now reaching over 500 children in our Religious Education program for children attending public schools. Sister Mary O’Donnell and her staff of teachers and aides are making continual improvements to this important program.

Last Sunday, at the noon Mass, one of our parishioners had a medical emergency. He is making an excellent recovery and is most grateful to all in the Parish community who came to his assistance - the nurses, the doctor, the ushers and all those who helped him with their prayers and their concern. We are truly a caring community. One of the firemen who arrived was a graduate of our school and I had witnessed the marriage of the other - a small world.

On the downside, last Sunday a parishioner had to leave Mass early for a family emergency. Her car was pinned in! Please do not double park in the small or big parking lots. We now have access to the upper school yard (next to the convent) for parking. Give a look there when spots are few and far between. Thank you.

For me as Pastor, Christmas is always a good time in that many of our young parishioners who are away at college or have moved out of the area come back and say hello. One of our parishioners, John Lucero, who is in graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is in a Catholic prayer group that passes out literature about the Catholic Faith to other students. He has found that many in the South have little or no knowledge of the Catholic Church. Let’s keep John and the others in his group in our prayers. Perhaps, this is an idea that some of our parishioners at local colleges would like to imitate.

Special thanks to the members of our Parish who worked so hard to make the New Year’s Eve dinner dance such a great success. It was "sold out." Make plans next year to get your reservations in early - priority goes to parishioners. It is time also to look forward to the annual golf tournament. It will be at Franklin Canyon in the East Bay on May 2nd. - again priority goes to parishioners so let Dennis Dorn know - you can leave a message for him with Joy at the Parish office.


Fr. Ring



;Anyone interested in the Super Bowl Pool call Rob Aveson.


We wish to thank and acknowledge all the teenagers who chose to get involved and help people this holiday season. During the month of Dec., Bob’s Club, Teen Club and Confirmation members decided to give something back. On three different weekends a total of 20 youth and parent(s) went to the Penninsula Habitat for Humanity in East Palo Alto and helped build low income housing. On Dec. 22nd, 30 teens and parent(s) went to Samaritan House and ran a work shift during their distribution schedule. We also want to thank all the teens who sang in the choir at the 8:00 PM Christmas Eve mass, who helped build the manger scene for the altar and all those who helped with our blanket/toiletry drive. You all are an important part of our parish and make St. Robert’s proud that you chose to get involved. Thank You, also, to the parent(s) who support and encourage your efforts. A blessed New Year to you all.

Ben Baldonado - Youth Director
Sandy Murtagh - Teen Club Leader



The annual joint meeting of the Men’s Club and the Women’s Guild will take place on January 12 in Hennessy Hall. The doors will open at 6:30 PM and dinner will be served at 7:00 PM. The cost is $10 per person and all are welcome. Call Kerry Hansell at 871-0272 for more information.



Women are invited to come to the Convent Chapel on Wed., January 14, at 7 PM for prayer, reflection, and sharing. For more information call Kathi Rogers or Sr. Mary.



For those of you who like to plan in advance—Mark your calendar now! Fr. Tom Allendar, SJ, is returning to us to give a Parish Mission. Fr. will talk at all the Masses the weekend of February 21/22 to introduce his evening talks for the following week. The Mission will be the evenings of Monday and Tuesday, February 23 and 24 and again Thursday and Friday, February 26 and 27. Ash Wednesday is the 25th. For those of you who plan at the last minute, there will be more info in the bulletin in February.


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Monday 6:30 David Orozco †
8:30 Charles Agius †
Tuesday 6:30 Frank Schoenstein †
8:30 Mary Balestreri †
Wednesday 6:30 Ranahan Family †
8:30 Fr. Edward J. Cleary †
Thursday 6:30 Joe Baker †
8:30 Roy Auld †
Friday 6:30 George Birkholm †
8:30 Herman Garcia †
Saturday 8:30 Helen Kennedy †
4:30 Leticia Radmilovich †
Sunday 7:30 Charles Agius †
9:00 Michael O'Neill †
10:30 Bill McCarthy †
12:00 Patricia Soriano †
5:30 People of St. Robert’s


We pray for the ill: Bernice Summers, mother of Tim Summers, Koret Koelman, Terry McLeod, Helen Miller, Cyndy Smerdel, Adela Florez, Ana Cosgaya, Tony Coogan, Bill Wilson, Peter Capodonicco, Rosemary McHale, Arthur Candia, and Margarita Velez .

We pray for the repose of the souls of Antonette DeBello, mother of Florence Tufo, Elena Mickys, mother of Aldona Gorrell, Aileen Behnken, mother of Diane Presta, and Dr. Howard Scott, father of Sheila Schleining (and father-in-law of Priscilla Scott who worked in the Parish office) and offer our sympathy to their families.

We pray for those who have been baptized into the body of Christ who have been away and want to come home. May they find in our Returning Catholics Program acceptance, affirmation and strength for their journey.



A pix is a small watch-shaped metal box in which the Eucharist is carried to the sick and homebound. We ask anyone who has a pix and is no longer bringing Communion to the sick to please return it to the sacristy. Thank you.



Our sisters and brothers who are homebound and living in convalescent facilities were very touched by the thoughtfulness and generosity of those who purchased gifts for them at Christmas. Thank you for caring and bringing the love of Christ to these precious people.



On Wednesday, January 14, it’s St. Robert’s turn to provide lunch for the County AIDS Clinic. Please bring an entree, salad, side dish or dessert to the bench in the Little Church vestibule by 9 AM for pickup and delivery to the clinic. Hot dishes should be delivered cold with instructions for reheating. Many thanks! Next month’s lunch is on Feb. 11.



Please don’t discard your Christmas cards this year. St. Jude’s Ranch for Children uses them, along with any occasion cards, to make new cards to sell. The proceeds allow these children to make a couple field trips each year. Send your cards to: St. Jude’s Ranch for children, 100 St. Jude St., Boulder City, NV 89005.


RENEW 2000

Each week we will concentrate on one phrase from the Renew Prayer.

This week let us pray—Gracious God, transform us to live your word more profoundly.


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Combined Women’s Guild-Men’s Club...6:30 PM, Hall
St. Vincent de Paul...7:30, Library

Cheerleading...3:15 PM, Hall
Legion of Mary...6:30 PM, Library
Confirmation Phase II, 9th grade...7:00 PM, Hall
Returning Catholics...7:00 PM, Convent Chapel

Choir Practice...7:30 PM, Church
Cheerleading...3:15 PM, Hall
Woman’s Spirit...7:00 PM, Convent Chapel
Teen Club...7:00 PM, Hall

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults...7:00 PM, Convent Chapel
Parish Council...7:00 PM, Library

Children’s Choir...2:50 PM, Church

Confirmation Phase I, 10th grade Retreat...all day, Hall



The Advent-Christmas-Epiphany season concludes with the manifestation of the relationship of Jesus to the Father. The story of the Baptism of the Lord carries with it the announcement by God acknowledging his Son, upon whom his favor rests. In the opening prayer we ask that we may be kept faithful to our own baptism, making the connection between the presence of Christ in the world and our baptismal response. In the reading from Acts we learn what it is that our baptism enables. After his anointing by God, Jesus went around doing good works and healing all who were in the grip of the devil. In the same way, by our baptism we are called to find out what good works need to be done and how we can heal those caught in the clutches of evil.


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We welcome you into St. Robert’s Family and ask that you complete a registration form (found in the vestibule of the church). Drop it either in the collection basket, in the mail, or at the Parish office. We will mail a New Parishioner Packet with information about the Parish, its organizations and groups.

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