November 11, 2007
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St. Robert's Catholic Church

1380 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno, CA 94066

Tel: (650) 589-2800


November 11, 2007
Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time





Rev. Msgr. Bruce A. Dreier, Pastor
Rev. Joseph P. Healy, Associate Pastor
Rev. Joseph Marini, in residence
Father Paul O'Dell, Parochial Vicar
Deacon Rusty Duffey, Pastoral Associate
Deacon John Meyer, Pastoral Associate

Sister Patricia O'Sullivan, PBVM, 589-0104
   Pastoral Associate for Sick and Homebound
Sister Sheral Marshall, OSF, 589-2800
   Pastoral Associate for Liturgy

In Residence 583-2544
   Sister Ita Cleary, PBVM
   Sister Antonio Heaphy, PBVM
   Sister Vianney Buckley, PBVM

Rectory Office: 1380 Crystal Springs Rd.
San Bruno, CA 94066
            Phone: (650)589-2800
            Fax:      (650)588-9628
Web Site:

Mrs. Kathy Hanley, 589-2800
   Parish Secretary
Mrs. Judy DeMartini, 589-2800
   Parish Receptionist
PARISH SCHOOL - 583-5065
   Ms. Yvonne Olcomendy, Principal
   Ms. Joanne Bartolotti, Director
   Mrs. Leslie Fong, Secretary
   Mr. Kevin Imbimbo


There is a period of preparation for the celebration of this Sacrament. Parents are required to attend a Pre-Baptismal class. Please contact the rectory in advance to make arrangements.

Saturdays: Vigil Mass 4:30 pm
Sundays:    7:30 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am and 5:00 pm
Holy Days: Please consult weekly bulletin.

Weekdays: Monday-Friday 6:30 & 8:30 am
                     Saturday 8:30 am

Our Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring the Eucharist to the sick or homebound. Please contact the Rectory.

Saturday: 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm
Anytime by appointment

There is a six month period of preparation for the celebration of this Sacrament. Please contact the rectory to make arrangements.

Please call the rectory in case of serious illness and before surgery and hospital care.

High school students call the Religious Education Office. Adult Confirmation is available on an individual basis.



In honor of the 50th anniversary of our parish we will have a parishioner write a letter once a month about their life and time here at St. Roberts.

This week we are proud to have Sister Ita Cleary, PBVM.

Dear parishioners,

I came to St. Robert’s in 1970. At that time the changes suggested by Vatican II were beginning to be implemented. For many people it was hard to let go of the familiar past. There were many, many changes.

I’d like to begin with our church building.

The beautiful marble high altar was taken away and a small wooden altar replaced it. Mass was celebrated at the new altar with the priest facing the people. While some pined for the Latin Mass the majority appreciated the use of the vernacular. Girls could now serve at the altar and women took on the roles of ushers and greeters.

The new stained glass windows added so much beauty to our church. A new wall separated Mary’s Chapel from the main part of the church. This made it possible to have Mass celebrated there when the congregation was small. Also the children in Middle Church avail of the chapel to have the Word of God explained to them on Sundays while the adults hear the homily given by the priest.

When the statues disappeared from the sanctuary many people became very upset. They were more so when the tabernacle was moved to the side. But Vatican II wanted us to know that nothing even the tabernacle—I say this with respect for the Blessed Sacrament—was to distract us from the great Mystery of our salvation which was being celebrated at the altar. (The statues found a niche where the confessionals used to be). The Crying Room at the vestibule was no longer needed as we realized that crying babies are as welcome in God’s House as the rest of us are. The Crying Room is now the Reconciliation Room.

The choir no longer needed the Choir Loft. They are now down with the people. A new organ was the occasion of making that transition.

Reserved pews for the handicapped and the removal of a dangerous step on the path outside the church made it possible for wheel chairs to access the church building.

The church is really the People of God. In the years that I have been in St. Robert's the laity have taken responsibility for the parish. We have Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers to the Sick, Greeters, Catechists who instruct the children at Sunday Mass. Many parish groups have been formed; Grown-Ups; In-betweeners; Fil/Am; Youth Groups, to mention just a few. Our lay people lead the Stations of the Cross during Lent and prepare the Lenten Suppers. The people of St. Robert’s are involved in many activities.

Several years ago the basement of the convent was converted into a library for the school The convent chapel became a meeting room for the parish. Since only a few parishioners attended daily mass at 6:30 a.m. in the convent it was decided to have the Mass in the new Mary’s Chapel in the church. Now the chapel is filled with early morning worshippers. I could go on and on about the changes and I am sure others will write about our new Education Building so I will leave it to them.

My experience at St. Robert’s has been a very happy one. It is a lovely parish where we can pray together, have fun together and even cry together when one of our members is hurting, or is bereaved. May it always be welcoming parish.

Sister Ita



Join us November 17th at the 4:30 p.m. Mass as we
show appreciation for all our St. Robert's volunteers
and bid a fond farewell to Father Joe Healy
as he transfers to Most Holy Redeemer'.

Reception immeidately following in Hennessy Hall


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Monday - November 12
Veterans Day
Parish Office & School Closed Today

Readings: Wis 1:1-7     Lk 17:1-6

Mass Intention 8:30am Charles & Rita Agius †
Cheerleading 1:45pm Hall

Tuesday - November 13
Readings: Wis 2:23—3:9     Lk 17:7-10

Mass Intention 6:30am
Karen Callicotte †
Kathleen Sullivan †
Religious Education
Re;ligious Education
Legion of Mary
Church & Hall
Church & Hall

Wednesday - November 14
Readings: Wis 6:1-11     Lk 17:11-19

Mass Intention 6:30am
Deceased Members of
   Angela #90 YLI †
Patricia Schaukowitch †
Children's Choir
9:30am Choir Practice
Scripture Study
Convent Chapel

Thursday - November 15
Readings: Wis 7:22b—8:1     Lk 17:20-25

Mass Intention 6:30am
Susie Apodaca †
Joseph Busuttil †
School Board Meeting
5:00pm Choir Practice
Convent Chapel

Friday - November 16
Readings: Wis 13:1-9     Lk 17:26-37

Mass Intention 6:30am
Souls of POurgatory †
Salvatore Alioto †
Cheerleading 3:00pm Hall

Saturday - November 17
Readings: Wis 18:14-16;19:6-9     Lk 18:1-8

Mass Intention 8:30am
Mariagiuseppa Aloise †
Americo Tonegato †
AA Meeting
Consolation Ministry
Thank You Reception
Mahoney Room
Convent Chapel

Sunday - November 18
Readings: Mal 3:19-20a     2 Thes 3:7-12     Lk 21:5-19

Mass Intention 7:30am
Tom & Maryanne Begley †
Aulola Kolotita Paunga †
People of St. Robert's
Lee Pieretti †


As a Parish Community we pray …For all veterans of war, brave men and women who sacrificed much and faced many dangers to keep our nation free.



Jolene Thomas
Enrique Zavala


We continue to ask each week that parishioners pray for the chronically ill of our parish. If you have a friend or loved one in need of our parish prayers please call the Rectory at 589-2800.


Our sincere sympathy to the families of
Lawrence Lucero &
Thomas Gossage

who died recently.



Saint Robert’s Grief Support Group will hold a meeting on November 17th in the Convent Chapel from 3:15 p.m. (before the 4:30 p.m. Mass). Anyone who is suffering from the loss of a loved one-spouse, sibling, child, parent, friend or relative is invited to come and pray share, comfort and be comforted. You are invited to bring a companion as for support and strength. God bless and comfort you in your sorrow. Call, Sister Patricia 589-0104 or any of the consolation Ministry Committee.

Consolation Ministry Committee meets after the 8:30 a.m. Mass in Mary’s Chapel on the first Wednesday of every month. If you are interested, you are welcome to join us.

In observance of Veterans Day, Monday, November 12th,
the Parish Office will be closed.


St. Vincent de Paul will make the annual Thanksgiving deliveries on November 17th to our needy neighbors. Your past generosity has enabled us to help many families. Please help with the following items:

Cranberry sauce, stuffing mix, yams & instant potatoes, canned pumpkin and chicken broth. Gift cards are also welcomed.

November 14th

We are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you can prepare a favorite cookie, snack or lunch item for 10 to 12 people, please drop it off at the Children's Chapel, in the back of Church, by 9 a.m. on November 14th. Please pack the items in a non-returnable container. Frozen items are ok!

Thanks to everyone who contributes!



Our Marthas need help! Would you like to serve Jesus and our St. Robert’s Family by working behind the scenes, taking care of the little (but essential) things that make our Eucharistic celebration run smoothly. When asked why they perform this ministry, our Marthas reply: “I don’t like being in the forefront, but I want to serve”; “I like working behind the scenes”; “Working in His house helps me feel closer to Jesus”. If you are interested, please call Gene or Anna May.




You’ll notice that the environment shifts as we enter this month, remembering in a special way those who have died, “marked with the sign of faith.” In addition to the photos and mementos at Mary’s shrine, we will also have reminders of the rhythm of all life which we see in nature. The pumpkins and gourds of harvest time have reached their fullness as have our beloved dead, gathered into the arms of our loving God.


November Musings
As we move towards the end of the liturgical year, the readings always focus on the end of the world, our “giving an account of our stewardship” also known as the Last Judgment and, reassuringly, the promise of resurrection. The gruesome first reading may need a bit of explanation. Why not eat pork if it means saving one’s life? For the Jewish faithful, dietary laws were understood as part of their keeping of the covenant. To break one of these laws, though it may seem minor to us, for them would mean turning one’s back on his/her commitment to the covenant. This is also one of the few places in the Hebrew scriptures where there is a sense of resurrection. The first reading was chosen for its relationship to the gospel which also focuses on resurrection. Here, Luke’s community presents Jesus as taking on the Sadducees who are trying to trip him up. He not only discounts their question, since people will not marry once they are resurrected, but uses their own knowledge of the Mosaic law as supportive evidence of this point.

With the stores already displaying their Christmas decorations and merchandise, it may be an opportune time to reflect a bit on our gift giving. Is it possible that even our Christmas presents might reflect what is important to us as Catholics? I’m not referring only to something specifically religious, such as a statue or a rosary, though these would be appropriate gifts for many people. Jesus was so very present to everyone who came to him seeking healing or instruction. Could we give the gift of our time to a close friend or relative? Who of us wouldn’t appreciate an hour’s walk or lunch with someone we love more than another “collectible” that we don’t need? Might we give a good book to a young person instead of the latest gadget which will be soon tossed aside? If we have friends who truly “have everything”, would they appreciate a donation in their name to a cause about which they feel passionate? Something homemade, whether baked, carved or grown always elicits a smile and great gratitude because it contains something of the giver.

I realize that I’m sounding like the persistent widow of the gospel last month, but I’m asking once again, if you haven’t contacted our senators to please do so regarding the Farm Bill. It is finally being seriously discussed by the entire Senate.The version passed by the house still has the millions allocated to corporate and millionaire farmers!If you possibly can, please call Barbara Boxer at 202-224-3553 and Dianne Feinstein at 202-224-3559 and urge them to back the Dorgan-Grassley amendment and the FRESH amendment. The first one limits subsidies to farmers making under $250,000 and will open the possibility of subsidies to small, new and minority farmers.The second one, as it implies, supports more fresh fruits and vegetables, organic farmers, farmers markets and healthier have friends or neighbors who might also call, please forward this to them as well.With prices being very high and some farmers still being paid without haven't planted for years, their lobby is still very powerful.It will take lots of us to counteract their influence. Thanks very much!

Peace, S. Sheral



This Tuesday at 9:15 am, some of us are meeting at the Buddhist temple on the corner of Crystal Springs and Poplar Ave. to see the temple and hear a presentation from one of their members on the teachings and symbols of Buddhism. You are most welcome to join us there if you’d like. If you have any questions, please call me.

S. Sheral


Troy & Natasha Mosqueda & Family
Bill & Francesca Moore & Family
Paula Hansen
Alfred McDonough & Joanne Wiggins & Family

If you are new to St. Robert’s, we ask that you complete a registration form found in the vestibule of the church. Drop it either in the collection basket, the mail, or at the parish office. We will send you a New Parishioner Packet with information about the parish, its organizations and groups. If you chose, you can register online at:


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July 1st to Nov. 4th (goal)
July 1st to Nov. 4th (actual)
7/1/07-6/30/08 Weekly Goal
Collection (actual 11/04)

Thank you for your generous donation of $1,526.50
to our School, CCD and Confirmation Programs.


Go to and click on the e-contributions button. The first page explains the details. There is a button to take you to the e-paluch registration page. You can register online using either your checking account or credit card.

There is no cost to you for this service.



Sign up below or on the web at

2007 Centerplate Totals

Sales: $41,437.87
Tips:      $6,576.31
Total:  $48,014.18

Sales:     $6,589.16
Tips:       $1,132.01
Total:      $7,721.17


Sales   $15,870.16
Tips       $1,434.60
Total    $17,305.26

GRAND TOTAL (as of 10/25/07)



____ Sunday November 18 49ers vs St. Louis 8:15am 1:05pm
____ Sunday December 9 49ers vs Minnesota 8:15am 1:05pm
____ Saturday December 15 49ers vs Cincinnati 12:15pm 5:15pm


* Times are approximate and might vary somewhat.

Dress Code: Black full length slacks (no jeans, spandex, sweat pants or capris), white shirt with collar and comfortable closed toe shoes with no heels.

Name:_________________________________Home Phone:___________________

Cell Phone:_______________Email:_______________________________________

** Return this form to the School or the Rectory

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November 17th and 18th

Saturday, 4:30 p.m. Mass

Presider Msgr. Dreier
Eucharistic Ministers D. Bisagno (C), M. Murphy, A. Ciraulo,
K. Hornung, B. Moniz, J. Finnegan,
J. Beltrano, J. Quinn, Y. Olcomendy
Lectors S. Kelly and P. Scannell
Altar Servers M. Ferris and K. Tangeh

Sunday, 7:30 a.m. Mass

Presider Msgr. Dreier
Eucharistic Ministers E. Ruggiero (C), C. Soracco, R. Jardin,
R. Lahoz, J. Aldinger
Lectors R. Rolfes and T. Clifford
Altar Servers G. Pino and A. Clifford
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Mass
Presider Fr. O'Dell
Eucharistic Ministers R. Valdez (C), V. Yanke, J. Yanke,
L. Cesca, S. Murray, G. Tolentino,
M. Blumenthal, J. Valdez, J. Kelly
Lectors J. Shick and L. Marty
Altar Servers G. Scarpino, J. Nazzal and N. Antonis
Little Church Michael and Bob & Karen
Sunday, 11:30 a.m. Mass
Presider Fr. Marini
Eucharistic Ministers B. Chester (C), F. Firpo, H. Mantler,
L. Welch, V. Valle, E. Sanchez,
J. Yee, G. May, M. Nuti, L. Sing
Lectors M. Cadiz and M. Benavente
Altar Servers D. Cuddy and C. Norton

Sunday, 5:00 p.m. Mass

Presider Fr. O'Dell
Eucharistic Ministers M. Huntington (C), C. Innes, M. Maran,
M. Santiago, T. Thompson, F. Maran,
M. Dowden, M. Aberouette, C. Browne
Lectors C. Galletta and L. Avila
Altar Servers D. Lavezzo and T. Lopez

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