St. Robert's Catholic Church Bulletin, April 2, 2006

St. Robert's Catholic Church

1380 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno, CA 94066

Tel: (650) 589-2800

April 2, 2006
Fifth Sunday of Lent

Dear Parishioners,

It has been 9 months since my transition from Epiphany to St. Roberts and it has been a wonderful and overwhelming experience for me. I am still learning how to adapt and I’m still learning a lot about the Parish. I have yet to meet many of the Parishioners as this is a big parish. So far the relationship that I have built with many of you has been great and I thank you for accepting me as one of your deacons. I do welcome any suggestions that you may have to help me improve in my ministry,

As we are fast approaching Good Friday and Easter let us remind ourselves who we are—–Good Catholic Christians who think about our neighbors, about sharing the needs of others as well as loving one another, not just during Lent but always.

Please pray for our own beloved Father Joe Healy, Our beloved Pastor Father Bruce Dreier and My friend Marianne Snyder as well as all those who are sick and in need of our prayers not in our parish alone but all over the world.

Remember that we do see the light of Christ in one another and believe in the Resurrection.

Deacon John Meyer



We are all sinners and our sins affect one another. Because of this, we come together to forgive and be reconciled to each other and to our God. This service consists of a reading from the Scripture, followed by the Priest’s homily and our Examination of Conscience. Those who wish may confess to the Priest a sin or sinful attitude for which they are sorry. The Priest will give them a penance and absolution from their sins. Christ forgives our sins, speaking through His Priest. All we need is contrition.

Jesus is waiting — please attend our Penance Service
on Wednesday, April 5th, at 7:30 pm.



Monday-April 3rd
Readings: Dn 13:1-9,15-17,19-30,33-62 - Jn 8:1-11

Tuesday-April 4th
Readings: Nm 21:4-9 - Jn 8:21-30

Wednesday-April 5th
Readings: Dn 3:14-20,91-92,95 - Jn 8:31-42

Thursday-April 6th
Readings: Gen 17:3-9 - Jn 8:51-59

Friday-April 7th
Readings: Jer 20:10-13 - Jn 10:31-42

Saturday-April 8th
Readings: Ez 37:21-28 - Jn 11:45-56

Sunday-April 9th
Readings: Is 50:4-7 - Phil 2:6-11 - Mk 14:1—15:47


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Monday - April 3

Mass Intention
Special Intention
Duchi Family †
Little Church
Men's Club
Passion Play
Tuesday - April 4
Mass Intention 6:30a
Tosca Brenes †
John P. Murphy †
Early Church History
Religious Education
Sr. Legion of Mary
Early Church History
Choir Practice
Mary's Chapel
Church & Hall
Convent Chapel
Wednesday - April 5
Mass Intention 6:30a
Frank Cash †
Bill Bushmas †
Grief Support Group
7th Grade Cheerleading
Little Church
SR Band
Choir Practice
Communal Penance Service
Scripture Class
Mary's Chapel
Convent Chapel

Thursday - April 6

Mass Intention 6:30a
In Thanksgiving
John & Amelia Rudometkin †
Rel Ed/Parent Meeting
RCIA Rehearsal
Church & Hall

Friday - April 7

Mass Intention 6:30a
Helen Miller †
Stanley Friedman †
Little Church
Stations of the Cross
Lenten Supper
Passion Play

Saturday - April 8

Mass Intention 8:30a
Joseph Busuttil †
Paul & Rosina Vella †
St. Vincent de Paul/Easter
AA Meeting
RCIA Rehearsal
Legion of Mary Aux.
Grief/Consolation Support
Mahoney Room
Convent Chapel

Sunday - April 9

Mass Intention 7:30a
Robert W. Gray †
Maryann Fava †
Mary Notrafrancisco †
People of St. Robert's
Fil/Am Choir
Jr. Legion of Mary
Mahoney Room

As a Parish Community

We pray…..for our parish family, especially those preparing for the Easter Sacraments. May we, with them, profess our baptismal vows with conviction and zeal.



Kainoa U. Kaiwi
Selena Marie Quintana

Dear Parishioners

We continue to ask each week that parishioners pray for the chronically ill of our parish. If you have a friend or loved one in need of our parish prayers please call the Rectory at 589-2800.

Also, please remember our Emergency prayer network that prays for specific intentions that require a concerted effort due to their critical nature. To facilitate the network, please call Michele Pipinich. The network people then pray frequently for the next 72 hours. We would appreciate a return call with the outcome so we can praise God for His faithfulness.


Our sincere sympathy to the families of
Ernest Gomes and Louis Picetti
who died recently.



You are invited to participate in Stations of the Cross, each Friday in Lent, at 6 pm, in the Church. A Soup Supper will follow in Hennessy Hall. This is a light sacrificial meal and an opportunity for members of our Parish family to get to know one another. Please put in the basket provided the amount you would have spent on your usual Friday dinner. Your donation will allow our St. Vincent de Paul Society to feed our sisters and brothers less fortunate than we.

The host for the April 7th supper is the Women's Guild
All are welcome.



All musicians and singers of the parish are invited to join with us at the St. Robert's 11th Annual Passion Play. If you would like to volunteer your talents, please join us by calling Ben Baldonaldo. Rehearsals, with Gabe Lucas, are tentatively planned for two Sunday evenings, April 2nd and April 9th. The performance will be on Good Friday, April 14th.


Early Church History

Your responses to the parish survey in the fall indicated a great interest in Church History. Since Church History is a huge topic, we will be presenting it in segments. The next session will be April 4 at 9 a.m. in Mary’s Chapel and at 7 pm in the Mahoney Room. Sister Sheral will give some input and lead a discussion focusing especially on liturgy in the Early Church. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please call her at the rectory with any questions you may have.



Since I no longer have access to the long palm branches from our motherhouse, does anyone have palm trees in your yard which we could cut for our Palm Sunday décor, the procession and the Passion Play? We’re in need of at least a dozen long palm branches which Tom Dachauer and crew will be happy to cut. Please give me a call at the rectory, 589-2800.

Thanks. S. Sheral



The next meeting will be held Monday, April 3rd in Hennessy Hall. Doors open at 6 p.m. All men of the parish are invited to enjoy great food, cold drinks and the NCAA finals.



St. Robert’s Men's Club will be hosting the 21st Annual Golf Tournament on April 29th at Crystal Springs Golf Course, space is limited to 100 golfers. Please contact Vico Piccinini for additional information.



The Children’s Liturgy team will again be having Good Friday activities for children ages 4 and up. Hall doors will open at 1:15 p.m. on Good Friday, and it is requested that children are pre-registered. Last minute registration will be accepted at the door. Children will need to be picked up as soon as church services are over.

Anyone wishing to register a child should call Darlene Esola with the child’s name and age and a phone contact number.


Good Friday - April 14th

Join the members of the 6:30 a.m. daily Mass up to the top of Junipero Serra Park in San Bruno (weather permitting). Meet at 6:30 a.m. sharp in St. Robert’s parking lot (Crystal Springs Avenue side). Wear layered clothing and sturdy shoes. All ages are welcome. Our approximate time of return to the parking lot is 8:30 a.m. Hope you can join us for this beautiful walk.



Easter flowers will decorate the Church during the Easter Season. If you would like to make a donation of $10 toward their purchase in memory of a loved one, please fill out the form below and return it to the Parish Office by April 10th. A memorial list will be published in the bulletin.

My gift in memory of:______________________

My gift in honor of:________________________

Given by:________________________________



One of the excellent suggestions given through the parish survey was that we highlight the ministries and organizations our parish has been blessed with twice a month . This week we highlight


The high point of our life in faith is the Eucharist when we to thank God for the blessings of the week and to pray for strength and wisdom for whatever the coming week holds. We pray together as a community and we pray in the Spirit of Jesus who comes among us as Bread and Wine, food for our journey. We become what we receive.

Please think about your personal gifts. Can you speak well in front of a group? Perhaps, proclaiming the Word of God is your way to serve the community. Would you like to give the Body and Blood of the Lord to those who come? Can you carry a tune, even if you don’t read music? The 9:30, 11:30 or 5 pm choir would be happy for you to join them. Can you come a bit early and welcome the people as they arrive? Would you be comfortable taking up the collection? We’d be happy to have you as a greeter. Many of the elders of our parish have served in these ways for years. Please consider following their wonderful example.




Everyone agrees that our immigration laws need reform; the controversy arises in terms of how and to what extent reforms should be made. If you’d like the read the statement by our state’s bishops on this issue, go to The bishops remind us of the Good Samaritan parable in which this man – an unholy outcast and foreigner – is held up as a model because he helped the injured man who was a stranger to him. Welcoming strangers is also one of the criteria Jesus uses for the Last Judgment in Matthew 25.35: “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” The bishops want “a law that reforms immigration in a way that protects human dignity and promotes the common good.” They call for: “earned legalization for the undocumented and their families, a temporary worker program, and timely family reunification policies; restoration of due process protections for immigrants; policy directions that address the root causes – so that migrants can remain in their home countries and support themselves and their families; and reform that does not include sanctions for those who provide humanitarian aid for the undocumented.”


April 8th

Saint Robert’s Grief Support Group will hold a meeting on April 8th in the Convent Chapel from 3-4:15 p.m. (before the 4:30 p.m. Mass). Anyone who is suffering from the loss of a loved one—spouse, sibling, child, parent, friend or relative is invited to come and pray, share, comfort and be comforted. You are invited to bring a companion for support and strength. God bless and comfort you in your sorrow. Call Sister Patricia 589-0104 or any of the Consolation Ministry Committee.



The Presentation Sisters at St. Roberts wish to thank very sincerely all who attended the Benefit Dinner/Dance on March 25th and also all who worked so hard to make it a success. A special word of thanks to the young Irish dancers who danced so beautifully.


April 12th

We are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you can prepare a favorite cookie, snack or lunch item for 10 to 12 people, please drop it off at the Children's Chapel, in the back of Church, by 9 a.m. on April 12th. Please pack the items in a non-returnable container. Frozen items are ok!


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Thank you for you generous donation of $3,350.63 to the American Bishops’ Overseas Appeal.

July 1st to March 26th (goal)
July 1st to March 26th (actual)
7/1/05-6/30/06 Weekly Goal
Collection (actual 3/26)


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Go to and click on the e-contributions button. The first page explains the details. There is a button to take you to the e-paluch registration page. You can register online using either your checking account or credit card. There is no cost to you for this service.


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Written on our Hearts
The readings this Sunday are again beautiful. In the Jeremiah passage, the people (and we ourselves) are told of a new covenant: “I will place my law within them and write it upon their hearts; I will be their God and they shall be my people.” There will be no need for teaching; everyone shall know the Lord. Notice that the covenant is a relationship, so close that we belong to God and God belongs to us. The “law” springs forth from the relationship. We might call this “law” within us conscience, that quiet voice which lets us know whether what we are doing is right or wrong. When Pinocchio is exercising his newfound freedom, his friend Jiminy Cricket serves this purpose. Our decisions aren’t as straight-forward as his were, but we do have our own guides. If we have a conscience well-formed by prayer, scripture and the Christian community we are part of and with which we interact, we can trust the Spirit present in all those sources to guide our conscience, regardless of what our society may present as opposing values. We need to develop the habit of pausing before making significant decisions, so that we can listen to our conscience.

The closing part of this reading says: “I will forgive their evildoing and remember their sin no more.” Aren’t we blessed! During this season of Lent, we’ve been conscious of our sinfulness and our need for God’s mercy. This Wednesday at 7:30 p.m, we’ll have our Lenten Reconciliation Service, the opportunity to confess our sins or imperfections and start over. Though most of us, I daresay, aren’t “big” sinners, we are all aware of ways we fall short in keeping Jesus’ law to love God and love our neighbor as ourselves. Our society with its psychological bent tends to downplay personal responsibility, but we know in our hearts that we are capable of thoughtless, hurtful and unloving words and deeds. This evening’s service will help us acknowledge that through scripture readings, an examination of conscience, reflection and the opportunity for confession.

Peace, Sister Sheral


A Lenten Prayer
We pray, give alms, encourage and lean on each other.
We're all in this together.

—Catholic Update



Spiritual Reading will be available at St. Robert’s after the Masses on Sundays. Please take a few minutes either before or after Mass and check out a book or two that interest you. You may keep the books until you have them read. We have some books on the Library cart but we have many more in the Library/Reconciliation room.

Enjoy Reading


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April 8th and 9th

Saturday, 4:30 p.m. Mass

Presider Msgr. Dreier
Eucharistic Ministers D. Bisagno (C), C. Carter, R. Aveson,
C. Holland, J. Finnegan, A. Ciraulo,
M. Ciraulo, C. Browne, C. Noce
Lector B. Rudometkin and M. Dachauer
Altar Servers C. Murphy and K. Ferris

Sunday, 7:30 a.m. Mass

Presider Fr. Marini
Eucharistic Ministers E. Ruggiero (C), A. Doherty, J. Jackson,
R. Vassalo, R. Jardin
Lectors T. Clifford and P. Lustic
Altar Servers C. Murray and R. Rolfes
Sunday, 9:30 a.m. Mass
Presider Msgr. Dreier
Eucharistic Ministers V. Yanke (C), J. Yanke, G. Tolentino,
C. Zolezzi, M. Saisi, M. Blumenthal,
M. Lopez, L. Cesca, J. Kelly
Lectors M. Parasdas and M. Compton
Altar Servers B. Timko and M. McCann
Children's Liturgy Little: Palm Sunday, Middle: Palm Sunday
Sunday, 11:30 a.m. Mass
Presider Fr. Marini
Eucharistic Ministers C. Pacas (C), T. Estelita, R. Pacas,
S. Lucchese, L. Juvero, J. Yee, A. Maron,
H. Madayag, E. Sanchez, S. Stefaniuk
Lectors H. Beck and C. Pisani
Altar Servers C. Lustic and G. Villanueva

Sunday, 5:00 p.m. Mass

Presider Fr. Hung/Deacon Duffey
Eucharistic Ministers J. Schaukowitch (C) J. Arellano, C. Hawkins,
V. Hawkins, Van. Hawkins, J. Landholt,
P. Landholt, B. Rodriguez, D. Katches
Lector C. Galletta
Altar Servers G. Delucchi and J. Uroz

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