St. Robert's Catholic Church Bulletin, October 2, 2005

St. Robert's Catholic Church

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October 2, 2005
Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

This Tuesday is the Feast of St. Francis who has a special place in my heart! I don’t know what you recall about him, but he seems to speak so strongly to our present situation. He is probably one of the few saints honored and imitated by people outside our Catholic family. Born in 1181, he lived a rather wild life, reared into a well-to-do family with the money and the personality to party indefinitely. He went away to fight in a conflict with one of the other city-states and came back sick and defeated. In his illness, God got through to him and the two of them began a process which would radically change Francis’ life. He renounced his father and his prestige, dramatically stripping before the bishop and his family and claiming God as his father. Robed as a peasant and often accused of being crazy, he started preaching of God’s goodness to anyone who would listen.

God spoke to him through his dreams, giving him the charge to “Rebuild the Church which, as you see, is falling down.” Taking the Lord’s words seriously, he began by physically rebuilding the church of San Damiano, only later realizing that it was the Church as the people of God that he was called to rebuild by the example of his gospel way of life. Other people were attracted by his integrity and poverty, made all the more radical by the extravagant way of life lived by the clergy of the time. He built the first crèche to help the people understand the miracle of Christmas. He reached out to lepers, seeing in them the Crucified Christ. Perhaps especially instructive for us, Francis went to talk with the Sultan during the third Crusade while his army was fighting the Christian armies over the Holy Land. According to Franciscan sources, the Sultan was not converted, but definitely was inspired by this man of peace.

God is always offering us the gift of peace. Let us pray this week for an openness to that gift in our families, in our country and in our world. Peace to you. S. Sheral



Just over the past week we have learned of 2 parishes on the Mississippi Gulf Coast where Presentation Sisters work as Pastoral Associates. St. Thomas the Apostle and St. John the Evangelist are in Long Beach, Mississippi and both sustained major damage in Hurricane Katrina. While these parishes are working to repair the damage to their churches and schools, we have become aware of parishioners who have lost all or nearly all, of their possessions.

We have a list of about 20 families who are in particular need, several of whom are teachers from these schools who have lost their homes. They remain in the area but are in need of lots of help.

The Sisters have given us a list of stores in the area to which the families have access. These include: Sears, Penney’s Lowe’s and Home Depot. While we realize that many of you have already made donations to Hurricane relief efforts, if you have the means to give something to our Sister parishes, it would be greatly appreciated. We will be collecting cash and checks on the weekend of October 8th and 9th and October 15th and 16th which we will use to buy Scrip to send to the Sisters to distribute.

If you are able to help, you may put your donation in the collection basket or drop it at the Rectory. Label the envelopes: Adopt a Parish, Hurricane Relief. If you have any questions call Rob Aveson.


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Monday - October 3
Readings: Jon 1:1--2:2,11     Lk 10:25-37

Mass Intention
George & Frances Cardoza †
Bridie McKenna †
Men's Club Meeting 6:00p Hall
Tuesday - October 4
Readings: Jon 3:1-10     Lk 10:38-42
Mass Intention 6:30
Mark Loughran †
John P. Murphy †
Scripture Study
Religious Education
Sr. Legion of Mary
8th grade retreat
(parent meeting)
Mary's Chapel
Church & Hall
Mahoney Room
Wednesday - October 5
Readings: Jon 4:1-11     Lk 11:1-4
Mass Intention 6:30
Rosita Gabriel †
Louis Fazio †
Festival Band
Choir Practice
Scripture Class
Convent Chapel

Thursday - October 6
Readings: Mal 3:13-20b     Lk 11:5-13

Mass Intention 6:30
Mary O'Brien †
Marie Holdcroft †
Religious Education
Hall & Church
Convent Chapel

Friday - October 7
Readings: Joel 1:13-15,2:1-2     Lk 11:15-26

Mass Intention 6:30
Frank Tassielli †
Pasquale\ & Maria Aloise †
Cheerleading Practice 3:00p Hall

Saturday - October 8
Readings: Joel 4:12-21     Lk 11:27-28

Mass Intention 8:30
Kevin McKenna †
Bill Wilson †
Computer Class for Seniors
AA Meeting
Grief Consolation
Computer Room
Mahoney Room
Convent Chapel

Sunday - October 9
Readings: Is 25:6-10a     Phil 4:12-14,19-20      Mt 22:1-14

Mass Intention 7:30
People of St. Robert's
Leo & Frances Navarra †
Gary Cross †
Kevin McKenna †
Fil/Am Choir
Jr. Legion of Mary
Mahoney Room


We need a minimum of 20 volunteers for each 49er game.


Oct 9
Oct 30
Nov 6
Nov 13
Nov 15
Nov 20
Dec 4
Jan 1
49ers - Colts
49ers - Tampa
49ers - Giants
Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones
49ers - Seattle
49ers - Arizona
49ers - Houston



Thanks to the many people who have volunteered.


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Classes for Children Grades 6th, 7th and 8th
begin on Tuesday, October 4th from 6:45 to 8 pm. in Hennessy Hall.

Confirmation classes for 10th graders started on Sunday, August 28th.

If you haven’t registered, please contact the
Religious Education Office at 588-0477


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Retrouvaille, a program for trouble marriages

Held in Foster City, on November 4-6, a program presented by three couples and a priest helps couples heal and reconcile their differences. Program has communication, reconciliation, hope and forgiveness. All couples who have mentally or physically packed their bags are welcome. After this weekend, six follow up sessions over the next 90 days are held at St. Dunstan, in Millbrae. More info at Call Tony and Pat Fernandez at (415) 893-1005 or Ed and Peg Gleason (415) 221-4269.


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Thank you for your generous donation of $3,252.37
to the Priest’s Retirement Fund.


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John & Shannon Fox & Family
Keith & Jenny Spataro & Family
Edith Watts
Cristina Wong
Janet Saryadegar

If you're new to St. Robert's, we ask that you complete a registration form found in the vestibule of the church. Drop it either in the collection basket, the mail, or at the parish office. We will send you a New Parishioner Packet with information about the parish, its organizations and groups.


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Saint Robert’s will be offering Computer Classes again this semester. Classes will be held on Saturday mornings from 9:15—10:30 a.m., starting October 8th, in the school Computer Lab. If you are interested please call the rectory at 589-2800 or Sister Patricia 589-0104 to register.



A child's life changes forever when they lose someone they love. During this time of transition, St Catherine's of Siena is beginning a grief support for children ages 7-12. This group will begin on Friday, October 7th from 5:00-6:30 pm. The group will run for 4 consecutive Fridays. For more information or to register please contact Debby Simmons at 650-558-0606.



Margo Giusti-$2,000
Mike Gaines-$1,000
Gloria Barbaroto-$500
Cyd Sinks-$500
Ryan Brown-$500

Michael Redmond-$2,000
Arthur J. & Loretta J. Orrante-$1,000
Rob & Cathy Aveson-$750
John & Aurita Cotes-$500
Bob Marshall, Jr.-$250
James Uroz-$100
John Sterling-$100
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Reid-$100
Early Bird Winner Adelaida C. Gallagher-$200

8th grade-1st PrizePizza Party & Free Dress
5th Grade-2nd Prize Pizza Party or Free Dress
7th Grade-3rd Prize Free Dress

Families given: 482

Thanks to all the families and sponsors who participated in the Festival Raffle!!! Without your continued help and support the Festival Raffle wouldn't be such a success!!!!



Thank you all for your full support cooperation in the success of the San Lorenzo Ruiz celebration.
DaDa Gallagher, chairperson Fil-Am Group

Also, there will be a Fil/Am general meeting on October 6th at 7 p.m. in the Hennessy Hall. Your attendance is very necessary. Please do come!!



Meeting tomorrow Oct. 3rd. Dinner and meeting starting at 6 p.m. All men of the parish are welcomed.



The Healing Mass sponsored by Project Rachel, on October 8 at Holy Cross Cemetery at 11 am for those parents and families who have lost a child from miscarriage, abortion or in early childhood. Bishop Ignatius Wang will celebrate the liturgy at the Rachel Shrine, near the Old Mausoleum. For further information, please call Vicki Evans at 415-614-5572.



The Annual Grownups Communion Luncheon is on October 16th in Hennessy Hall after the 11:30 a.m. Mass. Price is $12. For reservations call either Dorothy Branch or Olga Samuelsen. Tickets will be sold after Masses Oct. 1st and 2nd Oct. 8th and 9th. Any questions call Dolores Johnson.


October 12th

We are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you can prepare a favorite cookie, snack or lunch item for 10 to 12 people, please drop it off at the Children's Chapel, in the back of Church, by 9 a.m. on October 12th. Please pack the items in a non-returnable container. Frozen items are ok!


As a Parish Community

We pray on this Respect Life Sunday that each member of the human family, regardless of age, gender, race, color or creed may find protection not only in civil law; but in every human heart.


Silver 25th-Wedding Anniversary
Martha and Cyrous Navarrete

Golden 50th-Wedding Anniversary
Maria and Ernesto Montealeqre


Our sincere sympathy to the families of
Louise Dondo,
Mary Josephine Mattman,
Norman LaLanne &
Jane Barisone

who died recently.



The Consolation Ministry Committee will meet on Wednesday, October 5th at 9:00 a.m. in Mary’s Chapel.

New Members Are Welcomed!!!

The Grief Support Group will meet in the Convent Chapel on Saturday, October 8th from 3-4:15 p.m.


November 2nd

November is traditionally the month set aside by our church to commemorate and celebrate the memories of our departed loved ones. This year we will have a special Mass on the feast of All Souls, Wednesday, November 2nd. All are invited to this liturgy. The names of those buried from St. Robert’s and relatives of parishioners buried from other churches will be read aloud by members of the Consolation Ministry and a special candle will be lit and places on the altar in their memory.

We will have a special shrine erected in Our Lady’s alcove (in the church) with their names inscribed in a Memorial Book. Please, bring pictures, memorial cards or flowers to place in this shrine all during November. We will also post their names around the walls of the church, so that the faithful will be reminded of our departed loved ones each time they enter the church.

We are asking a special favor from you, the parishioners. We have recorded all those buried from Saint Robert’s but would like to remember all of your departed loved ones that are buried/cremated from any other church or Funeral Home during the past year. Information needs to be received to us no later than October 26th. Please either call the rectory at 589-2800 or Sister Patricia at 589-0104 with the name of your loved one along with the date of their burial.

“It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.”


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The readings these weeks about the vineyard are difficult to hear! The reading from Isaiah is very confrontational: the household of Israel is breaking the covenant with God by not doing what God commands. The people are being unfaithful to Yahweh and their leaders are trusting in alliances with other nations instead of trusting God. They are producing wild grapes instead of the good grapes to be expected from such fine vines. Isaiah’s community has the vineyard owner ask, “What more was there to do for my vineyard that I had not done?” How similar this question is to the psalm we hear on Good Friday: “My people, what have I done to you or in what have I offended you?” The disappointment is heart-rending. The prophet Isaiah calls a spade a spade in the hopes that the people will repent and turn to the God who is still faithful to them.

Likewise, the Matthew passage may surprise us with its mention of violence and death. Yet it was written some 55 years after the violent deaths of John the Baptist and Jesus himself. Still, we can imagine Jesus engaging the chief priests and leaders in dialogue in the hope that they, too, might recognize themselves in the parable and repent.

We are used to hearing the more comforting words of Isaiah in his community’s description of the Savior’s coming and of Matthew’s community relating Jesus’ miracles and healing. The Jewish people had the covenant and the prophets to guide them; we have the new covenant made in Jesus and the Spirit to guide us. We are called to live out of our experience and relationship with our God. Our gratitude for the gift of faith ought to impel us to faithfulness, prayer and action for the honor and glory of God and the good of all humanity. If we are trying to respond to God’s love for us, we will bear good fruit. Peace, S. Sheral

Part of our call as Christians is involvement in the world God has entrusted to us. If you need to register or re-register to vote, please do so TODAY. Materials are at the main entrance.



Today in Parishes throughout the United States, Catholics are celebrating Life from the first moment of conception till the last breath is drawn. “The human person is Central, the clearest reflection of God among us.” (U.S. Catholic Bishops) Let us affirm the goodness of God’s creation by valuing the unborn, providing for the economically disadvantaged, rooting out the causes of violence and war and protecting the elderly and infirm.

The RED ROSE imprinted upon our Pro-Life banner hanging in our Church symbolizes the sanctity of life at all its stages. May it help raise our consciousness about the wonder and awesomeness of all human life.


Saint Roberts Church Library

Spiritual Reading will be available at St. Robert’s after the Masses on Sundays. Please, take a few minutes either before or after Mass and check out a book or two that interest you. You may keep the books until you have them read. We have some books on the Library cart but we have many more in the Library/Reconciliation room.

Enjoy Reading


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October 8th and 9th

4:30 p.m. Mass

Presider Fr. Marini
Eucharistic Ministers T. Dachauere (C), B. Moniz, J. Finnegan,
R. Aveson, P. Schaukowitch, M. Murphy,
Doug Hageman, Di Hageman, J. Hageman
Lectors C. Aveson
Altar Servers P. Cantane and J. Frank

7:30 a.m. Mass

Presider Msgr. Dreier
Eucharistic Ministers W. Mooney (C), R. Vassalo, R. Lahoz,
A. Doherty, J. Jackson
Lector A. Reyes and J. Scanlan
Altar Servers A. McAlindon and J. Mullady
9:30 a.m. Mass
Presider Fr. Healy
Eucharistic Ministers J. Romine (C), L. Rodriguez, M. Saisi,
G. Tolentino, A. Romine, C. Zolezzi,
K. Semenza, S. Murray, T. Jones
Lectors J. Valdez and J. Marty
Altar Servers B. Timko and C. Tullius
11:30 a.m. Mass
Presider Fr. Marini
Eucharistic Ministers M. Giusti (C), A. Maron, V/L Piccinini,
P. Astrero, B. Chester, S. Stafaniuk,
S. Lucchese, L. Sing, J. Mercado
Lectors M. Benavente and F. Firpo
Altar Servers C. Benavente and F. Nuti

5:00 p.m. Mass

Presider Fr. Hung/Deacon Meyer
Eucharistic Ministers G. Landholt (C), D. Katches, V. Nunich,
E. Donnelly, I. Reyes, J. Landholt,
P. Landholt, R. Atkinson, B. Rodriguez
Lector H. Lowood
Altar Servers G. Delucchi and J. Uroz

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