St. Robert's Catholic Church Bulletin, November 14, 2004

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November 14, 2004
Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


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"Who is she that comes forth
as the morning rising,
fair as the moon,
bright as the sun,
terrible as an army
set in battle array" (Song 6:10)

These words taken from the Old Testament, "The Song of Songs" are prayed daily by all members of the Legion of Mary. The Legion attributes them to our Blessed Virgin Mary, and they themselves are her army of faithful followers on this earth. It is approximately twenty years since Sister Ita started Praesidium for adult members here at St. Robert's. The members of this Praesidium, meets every Tuesday evening (the year round) and pray the Rosary and the Tessera and do various good works during the week.

We are very happy to share our good news with you the parishioners. Monsignor Bruce Dreier has given his permission to start a Junior Praesidium for the young people of our parish. This Praesidium will take the title of Our Lady of Assumption will welcome members, boys and girls, from second grade to age eighteen. This is in response to the request of many children who are interested in giving their time and talents to spread the Kingdom under the Patronage of Our Blessed Virgin. This will bring untold blessing on our parish and parishioners. And we know that Our Blessed Mother will not abandon those children in their time of need. This is s a big undertaking in this age where young people are more interested in secular activities, so we ask for your prayers and support. You will be receiving more information about the Junior Legion of Mary in the near future. We plan to have our first meeting early in January 2005. A very special thinks to the parents of the children who requested this new undertaking for 2005.

May God and His Blessed Mother bless and protect all of you.

Sister Patricia


Thursday, November 25th

Give thanks to the Lord at our Thanksgiving Mass at 9 :00 a.m., Thursday, November 25th. Let us gather as family at the Lord’s table to share the meal he has prepared for us—His bread of life and cup of salvation. Fellowship and refreshments will follow.


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Monday - November 15
Readings: Rv 1:1-4,2:1-5     Lk 8:35-43

Mass Intention
All Souls †
Kathleen Sullivan †
Dinner Dance Meeting 7:00p Mahoney Room
Tuesday - November 16
Readings: Rv 3:1-6,14-22     Lk 19:1-10
Mass Intention 6:30
All Souls †
Joseph Busuttil †
Scripture Study
Religious Education
Legion of Mary
Lectors Meeting
Athletic Board Meeting
Mary's Chapel
Mahoney Room
Wednesday - November 17
Readings: Rv 4:1-11     Lk 19:11-28
Mass Intention 6:30
All Souls †
Milan Kovacevic †
Parish Directory Pictures
7th Gr. Cheerleading
Choir Practice
Bible Study
Parking Lot
Convent Chapel

Thursday - November 18
Readings: Rv 5:1-10     Lk 19:41-44

Mass Intention 6:30
All Souls †
Leo Pieretti †
Scripture Study
Parish Directory Pictures
Religious Education
Lector Gathering
School Board Meeting
Mary's Chapel
Convent Chapel
Mary's Chapel
Mahoney Room

Friday - November 19
Readings: Rv 10:8-11     Lk 19:45-48

Mass Intention 6:30
All Souls †
Marsilia Santarelli †
Parish Directory Pictures
8th Gr. Cheerleading
Parking Lot

Saturday - November 20
Readings: Rv 11:4-12     Lk 20:27-40

Mass Intention 8:30
Paul & Rosina Vella †
James Whooley †
Parish Directory Pictures
Computer Class
Advent Wreath Making
Youth Ministry
Computer Room
Mahoney Room

Sunday - November 21
Readings: 2 Sm 5:1-3     Col 1:12-20     Lk 23:35-43

Mass Intention 7:30
Cliff Buelow †
All Souls †
Ronald Fontana †
People of St. Robert's
Fil/Am Choir
Confirmation Class
Youth Mass
Youth Ministry

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As a Parish Community...We pray for the people of the United States….may we be united in building a society in which everyone can live with dignity and hope.



Joseph Eugene McGill



John Andrew Worrall & Karen Chia Hwee Kim



Let us celebrate together with our Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. On Saturday, November 20th, at the 4:30 p.m. Mass, our sisters will renew their vows. They have given many years of their lives loving and serving God’s people. We at St. Robert’s are grateful to them and thank God for gifting us with their presence among us.



We pray for the ill: Olga Aiello, Sharon Aiello, Marilyn Arancibia, Robert Bacci, Genaro Badiable, Lito Badiable, Patrick Burke, Maricris Candelaria, Arthur Candia, Carmen Capella, Josie Clarke, Nan Connolly, Cindy Corona, Ana Cosgaya, Walton Dickhoff, William & Sandra Dill, Dan Drew, Carl Edwards, Adela Florez, Jesse Grube, Claire Hamilton, Denise Hawald, Dominique Hauscarriague,Jr, Viko Ivancich, Joanne Johnson, Koret Koelman, Muriel Krause, Sisilia Langi, Shirley Latham, Josephine Lavoie, Austin Lehman, Lena Lucarotti, Michael Martinez, Daniel McHale, Rosemary McHale, Terry McLeod, Josie Mercado, Mary Novickas, Thomas O'Brien, David Papageorgiou, Lara Pinten, Jason Pimentel, James Piazza, Helen Restani, Mamo Scanlan, Pauline Speranza, Bill Stockinger, Justo Tan, Mafi Tukumoatu, Kristi Varni, Diana Walter & Jennifer Westbrook.


Our sincere sympathy to the families of
Louis Fazio,
Pauline Speranza,
and Olga Aiello

who died recently.


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by Sister Sheral

The readings today remind us of the last days, of judgment and the justice of God. Rather than hear them with fear and trembling, we might pay attention to the reality that we will each, at some point, need to give “an account of our stewardship.” Sometimes, it seems as though those who do evil will get away with it. But in God’s time, not ours, justice will reign.

Justice is one of the signs of God’s reign along with respect for each person, truth, community, and peace. As a Catholic community of faith, we are called to reflect the values of the kingdom, to be that light on the mountaintop for all to see. We can learn from what our children are being taught in terms of conflict resolution. They are being told when they are hurt or offended by someone to stop, get in touch with what they’re feeling and then decide how to respond appropriately. They are encouraged to use words (instead of fists) or to walk away instead of engaging in a fight. How different this approach is from reacting to violence in word or action by more violence!

We adults could surely benefit from this practice. If someone has spoken to us in a tone of voice that hurts us or has sent an e-mail with an edge to it, we need to stop, ask ourselves if the person intended to be hurtful (an additional step from the process with children), and tune into our feelings. If my feeling level is way out of proportion to the perceived affront, then I need to ask myself another question: why am I so offended/hurt/angry? Am I exhausted from too much work and not enough sleep? Do I feel put-upon generally? Have I been ignoring my very human need for visits with friends, time to myself, the refreshment which comes from nature? Am I coming down with something? I need to respond to whatever is out of kilter in my life and thank God for this incident which has helped me realize that. If my feeling level is in proportion to the perceived affront, then I need to decide what response might be an honest and appropriate one.

Especially as we head into the busier days of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we owe it to ourselves and to each other to try to be more centered than usual. I personally can’t imagine how those of you with full-time jobs outside your home and a spouse and children to care for can do it all without some piece of time, at least occasionally, for yourself. Hopefully, you’ve let go of the “super-Mom-who-can-do-everything” myth and share a Thanksgiving dinner where everyone brings something. Hopefully, if you’re part of a large family, you draw names and don’t have scores of people to buy for! So often we say (truthfully) that Christmas is for the kids, yet we pull our hair out trying to find the “perfect” gift for someone who has everything. Might we agree with some of our friends not to exchange gifts, but to make a donation instead to St. Vincent de Paul or Catholic Relief Services or Bread for the World? If you find your calendar crammed with so many “Christmas” engagements that you can’t fit them all in, why not move some of them? The Church celebrates Christmas from the Eve until Epiphany and it would prolong the joy of Christmas.

Here I am talking about Christmas when we are in the midst of November! Especially for those of us who are older, time really does fly. We are surrounded by the names of those we love who went home to God this past year and blest by the photos of so many others at Mary’s shrine. As the pumpkins and cornstalks remind us of the harvest, so do the lives of these holy ones remind us that we, too, shall one day be harvested home and enjoy God’s presence with them.

Eucharistic Ministers Needed
If God is nudging you to serve our parish as a Eucharistic minister, please call Gene May or Sr. Sheral at 589-2800.



There are green fliers at the church entrances with suggestions for Christmas gifts which encourage creative, active, constructive and cooperative play instead of toys which promote violence. Please take one.



As we prepare our homes and our hearts for the Feast of Thanksgiving, let us remember those within our parish family who are suffering because they don’t have the resources to feed, shelter or clothe their families. There are baskets on our Altar Steps for your donations of non-Perishable food items, including pasta sauce and spaghetti. Our St. Vincent de Paul Society will deliver your gifts to those in need. Jesus s has told us: ‘Whatever you do for the least of my brothers you do unto me’. They are waiting, Jesus is waiting.

Specific Thanksgiving items are needed:

Gift certificates for turkeys, boxed stuffing, yams, canned pumpkin, cranberry sauce, canned vegetables and turkey broth.



Congratulations to Sr. Ita for being honored by the San Mateo County St. Vincent de Paul Society with induction into the Monsieur Bailly Conference. This conference is for those who cannot be as active as they were, but who have already served SVdP with excellence, dedication, distinction, and love. Having worked tirelessly since joining the Conference in 1970, Sr. Ita is still an inspiration to Vincentians as she continues to visit the elderly and crochet blankets to be handed out to people in need. Congratulations, Sr. Ita. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us.


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There is an educational trust fund set up for Anthony and Alexis Ayllon. Please send donations to:

1st National Bank of Northern California
1551 El Camino
Millbrae, Ca 94030
Reference acct. number 060059336

For more information contact Josette Reid.



I received an anonymous letter this past week from “a concerned parishioner” about the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The person expressed concern about going to confession face-to-face and about going to confession before going to communion. On Saturday afternoon from 3:30 p.m. until 4:15 p.m. one of the priests is in the Reconciliation Room in the vestibule of the Church. There is always the option of celebrating the sacrament face to face or from behind a screen. The “Seal of Confession” protects the penitent. It is one of the most sacred responsibilities of a priest which requires that nothing be revealed which is said during the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance. The second matter concerns going to confession before receiving communion. The Catechism of the Catholic Church states in paragraph 1385:

“Anyone conscious of a grave sin must receive the sacrament of Reconciliation before coming to communion.”

If a person is not in the state of grave sin, he/she is encourage to receive the Eucharist.

I wish people would feel free to sign their name to that I might be able to discuss the matter personally. Generally anonymous letters are disregarded because they are unsigned. I certainly encourage people to bring their comments forward.

Father Bruce


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Project Rachel Archdiocesan Post Abortion Ministry announces an informative program and training workshop for persons interested in providing volunteer mentoring and support to persons suffering from post-abortion pain and hurting, Sat., Nov. 20th, 9:30-4:00 p.m., Archdiocesan Pastoral Center, 1 Peter Yorke Way, S.F. Persons who would like information about the growing incidence of post-abortion hurting, how it is manifested, and how family and friends can help are also welcome to attend. The workshop and program is presented by Vicki Thorn, dynamic Director of the National Office of Post-Abortion Healing and Reconciliation for further information, please call (415) 717-6428.



You are invited to attend a two day discernment retreat January 14-16 at St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park to learn about the call to Priesthood. There is no cost, commitment or obligation. Contact: Fr. Gerardo Menchaca (650) 325-5621 ext 302 or Rev. Mr. Ron Zanoni (650) 321-4445 Fax: or check the website at


Christ our Reconciliation

O Risen Christ, you breathe your Holy Spirit on us and you tell us, “Peace be yours.” Opening ourselves to your peace - letting it penetrate the harsh and rocky ground of our hearts – means preparing ourselves to be bearers of reconciliation wherever you may place us. But you know that at times we are at a loss. So come and led us to wait in silence, to let a ray of hope shine forth in our world. -Brother Roger, Taizé


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We’ll begin making the Advent wreaths at 9 am on Saturday, November 20 in the kindergarten room. Be sure to bring small clippers with you to cut the evergreens; everything else will be supplied. Please bring with you a donation of $7 to cover the cost of materials.



November is traditionally the month set aside by our church to commemorate and celebrate the memories of our departed loved ones. We have a special shrine erected in Our Lady’s alcove (in the church). Please, bring flowers, pictures, or memorial cards of your departed loved ones to place in this shrine all during November. We will also post their names around the walls of the church, so that the faithful will be reminded of our departed loved ones each time they enter the church.

“It is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.”



On Tuesday, November 16 at 7 pm, all lectors, new and veteran, are invited gather in the church. The session will include the spirituality of lectoring and an opportunity to hear each other and offer suggestions. Please come prepared to proclaim the Advent reading of your assigned Sunday. If you’re not scheduled to read during Advent, please choose and prepare an Advent or Christmas reading.



If you’d like to join fellow parishioners in reflecting on the Sunday scriptures of this wonderful season, please call the rectory and leave your name and daytime phone number. Sr. Sheral will have a Tuesday morning group from 9:15 to 10:30 am. Deacon Rusty Duffey will offer a Tuesday evening group at 7p.m.



The Emergency Prayer Network continues to pray for specific intentions that require a concerted effort due to their critical nature. To facilitate the network, please call Michele Pipinich. The network then prays frequently for the next 72 hours. We would appreciate a return call with the outcome so we can praise God for His faithfulness.


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We will prepare dinner for the homeless on Tuesday, November 23rd from 7-8:30 p.m. in the hall. Please call Juan at 255-0791 by Monday, November 22nd if you can help. Also, please be advised that the e-mail account, is no longer valid. If you need to e-mail Juan, please use



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Thank you for your generous donation of $5,282.92 to our St. Vincent de Paul Society.



The diocese requires that we do a Mass Count each October.
The following was our average Mass attendance:

4:30pm - 248
7:30am - 180
9:30am - 346
11:30am - 302
5:00pm - 267

Total Average 1342 per Sunday



In case you’re new to the parish, it would be good for you to be aware that here at St. Robert’s we try to accommodate different groups in the parish by different “styles” of liturgy. The Sunday, 9:30 am Mass is geared towards families with children: the music is upbeat; kindergarteners through fifth graders are sent forth from this Mass to hear the scripture readings at their own level and participate in sharing led by well-prepared adults. The Sunday, 5 pm Mass is geared towards youth and young adults with music and homilies addressing their needs. The 4:30 pm Saturday and the 7:30 am and 11:30 am Sunday Masses are a bit more traditional, hopefully meeting the needs of the parish at large. Of course, anyone is most welcome to participate in whichever Mass you wish.


The Church Is Open

During the next few months if you begin to feel the craziness of the season remember you can always come to Church and visit with God to find some peace. You will find St. Robert's Church open from 6:30am Mass until 5pm. As you're going to or from work or school or on your way home from shopping why not come in and thank the Lord for the gift of life and the beauty of the Season.

God's peace will refresh you.

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