St. Robert's Catholic Church Bulletin, June 22, 2003

St. Robert's Catholic Church

1380 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno, CA 94066

Tel: (650) 589-2800

June 22, 2003
Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ


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Dear Parishioners:

Summer provides and opportunity for the Parish to catch up in areas and to plan for Fall activities. Thank you to the men of the Parish who are working on the lunch area and play area for the children in the upper yard. This past Saturday a retaining wall was constructed and the cement pad for the tables will be poured very soon. The renovation of the old Kindergarten should begin before the end of June with the hope that it will be completed in time for the opening of the Religious Education Program and the School. In case you forgot, the old room will be turned into the Religious Education Office and a faculty lunch room. What was the faculty room will become a new counselor's office and the old "CCD" room will become a reading center. Your generosity to the building fund makes all this possible. In the area of repairs, there are many to accomplish. The most important is to put new carpets and new paint in the bedrooms of the convent. This was made possible by "donations" to the Super Bowl pool.

We are eagerly looking forward to the coming at the end of August of Sister Sheral Marshall. Sister will serve our Parish in the area of Liturgy. She looks forward to working with the Liturgy Committee, the Lectors, Cantors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers and of course, with Kevin Imbimbo, our Parish Music Director.

Sister Patricia O'Sullivan will also join us toward the end of August. She takes on many of the responsibilities of Sister Ita in ministering to the sick and the homebound. She will also work with the Legion of Mary and help us with adult education - be prepared for adult computer classes!

Let us pray for one another.
Father Ring



St. Robert's is seeking the services of a part-time director of youth ministry. The position is 18 hours weekly and to begin on Sept. 1st. Candidates must demonstrate good leadership skills with teens and adult volunteers.

The director of youth ministry will be involved in the formation/development of a renewed youth ministry program.

Qualifications: Certification and/or experience in youth ministry desired, salary is contingent on qualifications.

Please send resume and references to DYM search committee at St. Robert Church. Job description available on request. Call 589-2800 FAX: 588-9628 or email

Consider sharing your gifts as a youth minister
it could change your life!


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Monday - June 23
Readings: Gn 12:1-9     Mt 7:1-5

Mass Intention
Mary Rooney †
All Fathers
Drop-In Support 7:30p Offsite
Tuesday - June 24
Readings: Is 49:1-6     Acts 13:22-26      Lk 1:57-66,80
Mass Intention 6:30
All Fathers
John Collins †
Legion of Mary
Choir Practice
Youth Group
Wednesday - June 25
Readings: Gen 15:1-12,17-18     Mt 7:15-20
Mass Intention 6:30
Communion Service
Giuseppe Pignati †

Thursday - June 26
Readings: Gn 16:1-12,15-16     Mt 7:21-29

Mass Intention 6:30
Communion Service
Elda Salvi †

Friday - June 27
Readings: Hos 11:3-4     Eph 3:8-12      Jn 19:31-37

Mass Intention 6:30
Emil & Lois Feltre †
Thomas Keanz †

Saturday - June 28
Readings: Gn 18:1-15     Lk 2:41-51

Mass Intention 8:30
Valerie Asario †
Ernest Ronzani †

Sunday - June 29
Readings: Acts 12:1-11     2 Tm 4:6-8,17-18     Mt 16:13-19

Mass Intention 7:30
People of St. Robert's
Mary Kingshell
Lt. Col. James H. Cook †
Antonio Alfonso †
Fil/Am Choir Practice
Youth Group
Mahoney Room

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As a Parish Community, We Pray...As Jesus feeds us with His body and blood, may we feed all who hunger spiritually, emotionally or physically.



Janeen Mendel & James O'Dowd



Dear Parishioners, Please notify the priesthouse (589-2800) if a loved one is in the hospital.

We pray for the ill: Sharon Aiello, Marilyn Arancibia, Robert Bacci, Genaro Badiable, Bastiaan Blumenthal, Marcia Bourne, Ann Burns, Maricris Candelaria, Arthur Candia, Josie Clarke, Nan Connolly, Zenaida Cortez, Ana Cosgaya, Walton & June Dickhoff, Sandra & William Dill, Carl Edwards, Joey Ferguson, Joyce Flax, Adela Florez, Henry Fosson, Jesse Grube, Denise Hawald, Dominique Hauscarriague,Jr, Joanne Johnson, Koret Koelman, Muriel Krause, Sisilia Langi, Shirley Latham, Josephine Lavoie, Greg Lille, Marky, Daniel McHale, Rosemary McHale, Terry McLeod, Joseph Mifsud, James Morrisey, Thomas O'Brien, Louis Ricardo, Bill Reilly, Doris Ross, Mary Shick, Pauline Speranza, Mafi Tukumoatu, Gene VanSlett, Don Vickery, Jennifer Westbrook & Frank Wright.



The "Emergency Prayer Network" will pray for your specific intentions whenever some crisis arises in your life. If you call, our group will pray fervently for three days for you and your special intention. Call Michele Pipinich. Let us know how things turn out so that we can praise God for His faithfulness.



All are invited to attend Mass at 9 am on Friday, July 4th, to give thanks to God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon our Nation. Refreshments will follow Mass outside of Church.



Many thanks to all whose prayers and kind wishes have been such a support to myself and my family on the death of my dad (Tom Hamilton of El Cajon, CA). We are grateful to all!

Father Tom



Thank you to the outgoing members of the Pastoral Council:

Steve West, John Carambat, Trish Estelita,
Judy Scannell, Donna McMorrow, Encar Sanchez,
Thomas Tullius and Kelela Tuuhetoka.

Congratulations to the newly elected members and those whose terms have not expired. Members are elected or appointed for three, two or one year terms.

Bob Balestieri (3), Nancy Green (3), Joe Roberts (3),
Nancy McMahon (2), Rick Rolfes (2), Cindy Smerdel (2),
Patrick Byrne (1), George Horton (1), Elio Sciacqua (1),
Helen Mantler (1), Josie Mercado (1), and Victoria Sciacqua (1).

The Council is an advisory board to the Pastor sharing responsibility for the well being of the total Parish. The next scheduled meeting of the Council is on October 2nd at 7:30 p.m. at the Mahoney Room in the Presentation Education Center. All parishioners are invited to attend.


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Monday, July 14th at 6:00pm
Give Mom a Break!!!!

Bring all the kids. We'll have hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, beer soda and dessert! We will have activites for the kids. $10.00 per Dad. Kids are free. Reservations are requested are required. Call Jim Brown.



Put a cicrle around the date of July 6th. The plan is for us to gather for a 5:00 p.m. dinner at Westlake Joe's. For more information call Bunny Moniz.


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Today our parish participates in the Peter's Pence 2003 Collection for the Works of the Holy Father. Each year the Holy Father asks us to help him provide for our neediest brothers and sisters throughout the world - those who suffer due to war, oppression, and natural disasters. Join the Holy Father in this act of justice and kindness. Please pray for the Holy Father and give generously to this special appeal. Thank you.

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