St. Robert's Catholic Church Bulletin, January 20, 2002

St. Robert's Catholic Church

1380 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno, CA 94066

Tel: (650) 589-2800

January 20, 2002
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Dear Parishioners,

Next Saturday, January 26th, the adults preparing for Baptism, Confirmation, and First Eucharist will be having a retreat day. Please remember us in your prayers. One traditional retreat meditation method is to have the participants read a section of Scripture and insert their own first name whenever they see the words ‘me’, ‘my’ or ‘I". I thought you might like to give it a try:

Psalm 139
(insert your first name in the blank spaces):

O God, you have searched ____ and you know ___ when ____ sits and when ____ stands; you discern ____’s thoughts from afar. You mark when ____ walks or lies down, with all ____’s ways you are acquainted.

Before a word is on ____’s tongue, behold, O God, you know the whole of it. Behind and before you besiege ____, you lay your hand upon ____. such knowledge is too wonderful for ____: too high, beyond ____’s reach.

O where can ____ go from your spirit, or where can ____ flee from your presence? If ____ climbs to heaven, you are there! If ____ lies in the grave, you are there!

If ____ takes the wings of the morning and dwells in the depths of the sea, even there your hand shall lead ____, your hand shall hold ____ fast.

If ____ says: "Let darkness cover ____, and the light around ____ be night," even darkness is not dark to you, and the night is as bright as the day; for darkness is as light to you.

God’s love for ____ is filled with tenderness and compassion. God’s love for ____ is an everlasting love.

Deacon Duffey



St. Jude’s Ranch for Children in Nevada is a nonprofit, non-sectarian home for abandoned and neglected children. They earn money by pasting the cards fronts onto new cards. Help needy kids and the environment, too!. Please drop your used card fronts at the rectory, and we will be happy to forward them for you.


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1/21 Monday 8:30 Gene & Ele Monaghan †
1/22 Tuesday 6:30
Oscar Moniri †
Manuel Falzon †
1/23 Wednesday 6:30
Caroline Guitingco †
special Intention †
1/24 Thursday 6:30
Joseph Kuczka †
Dan Aiello
1/25 Friday 6:30
Augie Mariucci †
Shami-Galea Family
1/26 Saturday 8:30
Paul & Rosina Vella †
People of St. Robert's
1/27 Sunday 7:30
Bernardo Mocelin †
Jacque DesJardin †
Fortino Gomez †
Joseph McKeever †
Frances Sullivan †

The Parish Office will be closed Monday, January 21st, in observance of Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday



Isaiah 8:23-9:3
1 Corinthians 1:10-13, 17
Matthew 4:12-23


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"Getting in Gear"

The following reflection by Clara Dina Hinojosa is an excellent reminder of how to give more of ourselves at Mass and, in turn, get more out of it: Pat Vallez-Kelly

I’d like to compare liturgical participation with two forms of traveling. First, consider what it involves to drive a car. To get anywhere in a vehicle, the driver must get in the car, turn on the ignition, and put the automobile in gear. Another form of transportation is taking the subway. In the subway station, the passenger boards the train, lets someone else drive, tunes out others around them, and stays alert so as to know when they have reached their stop.

Comparing these two modes of travel brings a different perspective on liturgical prayer. I liken full participation to the very first act of placing one’s body into the driver’s seat. Conscious participation is that deliberate act of starting the engine. Active participation is similar to putting the automobile in gear, making it possible for the car’s movement. Traveling on the subway is an experience which doesn’t warrant being actively engaged in directing the train toward its destination. It is a relatively passive experience which warrants only that one know how to get on and when to get off.

To further our understanding of liturgical participation, permit me to use more conventional imagery. In order to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the liturgy, the worshipper must desire three things: 1) to offer one’s self, 2) to be awake and alert to the Spirit, and 3) to be open to transformation. Bringing to the liturgy an attitude of willingness, attentiveness, and receptivity permits the Christian to become engaged in the work of building up the body of Christ. (Excerpt from "Full, Conscious, and Active Participation," Today’s Liturgy, Volume 24, No. 1, pp. 17-18.


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As a Parish Community, we Pray...
For an end to abortion. May each expectant mother cherish and protect the precious life within her womb.



Daniel Kenneth Lee Davis &
Mackenzie Nikole Lillywhite



We pray for the ill: Sharon Aiello, Marilyn Arancibia, Ilaria Belluomini, Bastiaan Blumenthal, Guido Botelho, Marcia Bourne, Ann Burns, Joseph Calleja, Arthur Candia, Josie Clarke, Nan Connolly, Ana Cosgaya, Imelda Daly, Walton & June Dickhoff, Sandra & William Dill, Ray Driscoll, Carl Edwards, Adela Florez, Elsie Grech, Denise Hawald, Joanne Johnson, Koret Koelman, Muriel Krause, Josephine Lavoie, Marky, Daniel McHale, Rosemary McHale, Jeanne McHugh, Terry McLeod, Sal Milizio, Bunny Moniz, Catherine Okulove, Leo Pieretti, Richard Quintana, Pauline Speranza, Kari Stellino, Don Vickery, George Jones & Bernie Voight.

Please call the Rectory if you have a friend or family member who is ill or in the hospital and would like a visit from our Clergy.


Our sincere sympathy to the family of
Edna Ferrer
who died recently.



The "Emergency Prayer Network" will pray for your specific intentions whenever some crisis arises in your life. If you call, our group will pray fervently for three days for you and your special intention. Call Michele Pipinich. We simply ask that you let us know how things turn out so that we can praise God for His faithfulness.



A Spiritual Day of Retreat for those grieving the loss of a loved one

For those suffering the loss of a loved one, finding the strength to move through the grief can be a struggle. Yet moving on to a place of healing is a necessary transition for living fully. Using the gift of prayer and ritual can be a powerful tool in transforming pain into peace.

Presenter: Barbara Elordi, Grief Care Program Coordinator Catholic Charities to be held at the Convent at St. Robert’s Saturday, January 26th, 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The Eucharistic Liturgy will be a part of this day

The fee is $10.00. Call Barbara Elordi at (415) 564-7882 for registration and further information.


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Disciples Now is an innovative and faith-filled web-based ministry for Catholic teens. It has been developed by youth ministers, campus ministers, catechetical leaders, and diocesan staff members in partnership with publishers and other youth-serving agencies. It includes a "Since you asked" feature with responses to teen questions of faith and life by Fr. Gary Bagley, Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of Buffalo, New York as well as a variety of interactive catechetical and fun features. Nearly 3500 teens visit the site each day. Feel free to check it out on the web at


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Saturday, March 2, 2002

Mark your calendars for the St. Robert’s Women’s Guild Dinner and Dance. This year we will enter the Caribbean zone at the Marriott Hotel in Burlingame. You won’t want to miss the fun.



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St. Robert's Adult Education - 2002

An Introduction to
World Religions
(Video Series)

Sunday Eves 6:30pm - 8:30pm
(Following 5:30pm Mass)

Hennessy Hall

Light Meal Served with Soda / Coffee

January 20, 2002 Protestantism
January 27, 2002 Judaism
February 10, 2002 Buddhism
February 17, 2002 Hinduism

This video series is an invitation to marvel at and learn from the various religions of the world. Religions center their power where cultures are most distinct - places like Rome, Benares, Jerusalem and Mecca. We invite you to join us on Sunday evenings for a light meal, video and short discussion led my Mary Shpertt, PH.D..


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(18 years or older who have received First Communion)

will be offered

at Serra High School in San Mateo,
7:30-9:30 p.m. Tues, 2/19/02 - 4/30/02;

or at Riordan High School in San Francisco,
7:30-9:30 p.m. Tues, 2/20/02 - 5/1/02;

For information call Father Ring at 650-589-2800 or the Archdiocesan Office of Religious Education and Youth Ministry: 415-614-5652


Thursday, January 24

Archbishop Levada calls upon us to pray for peace! Some of the special events of January 24th will be:

  • 12:15 Mass for Peace at the National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi, Vallejo at Columbus St. in SF
  • 2pm Symposium at USF, with the topic of interfaith dialogue and understanding as a way toward peace.
  • 7pm Interfaith Prayer Service for Peace, St. Mary’s Cathedral


On Jan. 1, 2002 television network NBC moved to KNTV Channel 3 in San Jose, which as aired the Catholic TV Mass for many years. However, KNTV (calling itself NBC3) has dropped the TV Mass. This means many elderly and homebound Catholics in the South Bay Area will no longer receive the weekly TV Mass. Please call Bob Franklin or Jan Mullery at KNTV-NBC3 at (408) 286-1111, or write to KNTV-NBC3, 645 Park Ave., San Jose, Ca 95110 and ask that the TV Mass continue. Thank you for your help.



The Office of Formation for the Permanent Diaconate Office is sponsoring an Informational Evening for men considering the posssiblity of serving the Church as Permanent Deacons. If you have ever considered the possibility of a vocation to the Permanent Diaconate, you and your wife are invited to attend the meeting being held on Wed., Feb. 20th, from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the lower level of St. Mary’s Cathedral. Questions may be directed to the Formation Office at St. Patrick’s Seminary, 320 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, Ca 94025-3563; phone (650) 323-1703.


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Monday, January 21st
1:30 - 3 pm, Cheerleading.....Hall
3:30 - 5 pm, 8th Gr. Practice.....Hall
7 - 9 pm, Basketball Pictures.....Hall
7 - 10 pm, Grown-Ups.....Library

Tuesday, January 22nd
3:30 - 8:15 pm, Religious Education.....Hall
6:30 - 8 pm, Legion of Mary.....Library
7 - 9 pm, Building Campaign.....Convent Chapel
7:30 - 9 pm, Youth.....Kitchen

Wednesday, January 23rd
4:30 - 6 pm, Cheerleading.....Hall
7 - 8:30 pm, 8th Gr. Practice.....Hall
7:30 - 9 pm, Liturgy Committee.....Mary’s Chapel
7:30 - 9 pm, Bible Study.....Convent Chapel

Thursday, January 24th
7 - 4:30 pm, Religious Education.....Hall
7 - 9 pm, RCIA.....Convent Chapel

Saturday, January 26th
3 - 7 pm, Liturgical Min. Thank You Reception.....Hall

Sunday, January 27th
10 - 11:30, Fil/Am Choir.....Hall

Monday, January 21st
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
The Parish Office will be closed


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St. Robert School will hold its annual Open House on Monday, January 28th. The evening will begin at 7pm in Church, followed by classroom visitations. All are welcome.



Did you know St. Robert Church and School participates in the eScrip program? This is a very easy way for us to earn money to benefit our Church and School. Here’s how it works:

You register your Safeway Club Card, Visa, Master Card, ATM, Debit, Chevron Gas Card with eScrip, and every time you shop at a participating store e.g. Mollie Stones, Lunardi’s, Pak-n-Save, and more, we receive 2-5% of your purchase. It is a very safe program. No information is sold or given out. There is an annual fee of $10. We receive an average of $1,900 a month with our current 183 members.

Give them a call at 1-800-592-0942 or on line at or check the vestibule for more information. Our Group number is 137045398. If you shop at Albertson’s, we have a free Community Card that you simply show the cashier, and Albertson’s gives us 2-5% of your purchase. No tracking, no fuss. It’s easy!! If you would like a card or more info on how you can help us, call Linda Cuddy.



While Shopping at Tanforan You Can Help Our School Win $2,000

If you are shopping at Tanforan, please turn in your receipts either at the Info Booth on the 2nd floor at Tanforan, in the vestibule of the Church, or to the Rectory. For questions or more info Call Linda Cuddy.


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300 Manresa Way
Los Altos 94022
(650) 948-4491

Living in the Presence of God - Jan. 25-27
Silent Ignatian Retreat for Women
Fr. Robert Scholla, S.J.

The Folly of the Cross - Feb. 15-17
Silent Lenten Retreat
Bernard J. Bush, S.J., Joseph Fice, S.J.,
Jerry McCourt, S.J., William J. Rewak, S.J.

The Pursuit of Happiness  in a World of Idols - March 15-17
Silent Lenten Retreat for Women
Leo Hombach, S.J.

2300 Adeline Dr.
Burlingame, 94010

Earth’s Crammed with Heaven - Jan. 25-27
An invitation to come apart from the busyness which causes numbness and not noticing.
Patricia Ryan, RSM

A Weekend with the Brothers from Taize

P.O. Box 767
Danville, Ca 94526
(925) 837-9141

Married Couples Retreat - Feb. 1-3
Two Become One
Barry Brunsman, OFM and Carol Kaplan, MFT

Professional Development Day - Feb. 9th
Embracing Change when you’re tired of helping
David Kundtz and Victoria MacDonald, MA 

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