St. Robert's Catholic Church Bulletin, November 4, 2001

St. Robert's Catholic Church

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November 4, 2001
Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Dear Parishioners:

In the tradition of the Church, this month of November is a time to pray for all those who have died. We pray that they might soon be with Christ their Redeemer in paradise. This year we remember in a special way all those who died so tragically on September 11th. If possible, try to come to Mass one weekday during the month to pray for them and for your loved ones who have died.

Bishop Braxton of Lake Charles, Louisiana, recently gave a homily in which he spoke words that can benefit us:

Those who give themselves time to reflect and pray over the awful events of Sept. 11, 2001, may realize that there is no need to attribute these actions to Satan, to evil personified or human insanity. They may come to acknowledge the more frightening reality that some human beings, who are not insane, making use of God’s astounding gift of free will, are fully capable of the most unthinkable atrocities. They may also realize that God is not God the way we would be God if we were God. God does not ordinarily interrupt events in nature or acts of people in order to prevent dire consequences in the lives of innocent people.

We may ask why this is so. Some say it is so that God can draw good (such as the outpouring of love and compassion in New York) out of these dire consequences. Others say they simply do not know why. Perhaps the only answer is the answer of St. Paul to the Corinthians. "We see now through a glass darkly, But then face to face." Our Catholic faith does not teach us that the answers to all of life's difficult questions are ours in this life.

As Catholics we believe that God created and loves every human person in the world. It is not his will that innocent people suffer. Nor is all suffering somehow a punishment due to sin. Recall the story in John’s Gospel where the apostles asked Jesus whether the man born blind was blind because of his sin or the sin of his parents. Jesus answered that it was not because of anyone’s sin.

We believe that God knows us better than we know ourselves and that everything that happens to us is mysteriously within divine providence. God impels us to love him with our whole being and to love our neighbors (every other human being) as we love ourselves. While God does not eliminate suffering from our lives, he does not abandon us when we suffer. In some way, beyond our comprehension, through the life, teachings, death and resurrection of Christ, the compassionate God suffers with us.

This is not the time to let your faith be shaken. This the time to deepen it and share it with others. This is the time to renew our efforts to uproot all forms of bias and prejudice against anyone or any group (especially people of Arabic and Muslim backgrounds) from our hearts. This is the time to meet Christ in the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist more, the time to give more, live more, pray more, forgive more love more.

Father Ring


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11/05 Monday 6:30
Isabelle Tablante †
All Souls †
11/06 Tuesday 6:30
Jose Mercado †
All Souls †
11/07 Wednesday 6:30
All Souls †
Frank Fenech †
11/08 Thursday 6:30
Family of A. Galea
All Souls †
11/09 Friday 6:30
All Souls †
JoAnn Humphres †
11/10 Saturday 8:30
Paul & Rosina Vella †
All Souls †
11/11 Sunday 7:30
People of St. Robert's
Bill Wilson †
Aiello Family †
Eugene J. Martin †
Mary Shapiro †


Wisdom 11:22- 12:2
2 Thess 1:11- 2:2
Luke 19:1-10


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Eucharist and Social Justice

"Solidarity" is a term frequently used when we talk about the principles of social justice. Solidarity means that we stand with and are united with each other, especially with the weakest and most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters in the human family. The slogan "United We Stand" is an expression of solidarity. So is "the Body of Christ." Here’s more from Fr. John A. Coleman, S.J. and St. John Chrysostom on Eucharist and social justice:

Eucharist is the Body of Christ

The symbol of the body of Christ . . . is a potent symbol of a social justice of inclusiveness. The body, though composed of many parts, is nonetheless, one. Some of the parts that seem weakest and least important are really the most necessary and cannot be despised. If one part of the body is hurt, all parts feel the pain (I Cor 12:12-30). This body image takes us squarely to the arena of social justice. Hear for a moment the meditation of St. John Chrysostom on the body of Christ:

Do you wish to honor the body of Christ? Do not despise him when he is naked. Do not honor him here in the church building with silks, only to neglect him outside, when he is suffering from cold and nakedness. For he who said, "this is my Body" is the same who said: "You saw me, a hungry man, and you did not give me to eat." Of what use is it to load the table of Christ? Feed the hungry and then come and decorate the table. You are making a golden chalice and you do not give a cup of cold water? The temple of your afflicted brother’s body is more precious than this temple [the church building]. The Body of Christ becomes for you an altar. It is more holy than the altar of stone on which you celebrate the holy sacrifice. You are able to contemplate this altar everywhere, in the street and in the open squares.


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As a Parish Community, we Pray...
For those who are beginning the RCIA process....May we graciously welcome them into our Parish family.



Gianna Teresa Vasquez,
Emily Catherine McElroy &
Amanda Nicole Baillargeon



Kathleen Bordin & Michael Biagini



We pray for the ill: Sharon Aiello, Marilyn Arancibia, Ilaria Belluomini, Bastiaan Blumenthal, Marcia Bourne, Ann Burns, Joseph Calleja, Arthur Candia, Josie Clarke, Nan Connolly, Ana Cosgaya, Imelda Daly, Walton & June Dickhoff, Sandra & William Dill, Carl Edwards, Adela Florez, Elsie Grech, Denise Hawald, Joanne Johnson, Koret Koelman, Muriel Krause, Josephine Lavoie, Marky, Daniel McHale, Rosemary McHale, Jeanne McHugh, Terry McLeod, Sal Milizio, Catherine Okulove, Leo Pieretti, Lee Shick, Mary Shick, Cyndy Smerdel, Pauline Speranza, Kari Stellino, Don Vickery, Ray Driscoll & Bernie Voight.

****Please call the Rectory if you have a friend or family member who is ill or in the hospital and would like a visit from our Clergy.



The "Emergency Prayer Network" will pray for your specific intentions whenever some crisis arises in your life. If you call, our group will pray fervently for three days for you and your special intention. Call Michele Pipinich. We simply ask that you let us know how things turn out so that we can praise God for His faithfulness.


Masses will be offered for All Souls throughout the month of November. Envelopes for the Mass intention of All Souls and your deceased loved ones are available at all entrances of the church.


November 14th

We are scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month. If you can prepare a favorite cookie, snack or lunch items for 10

to 12 people, please drop it off at the Children’s Chapel, in the back of Church, by 9:00 am on Nov. 14th. Please pack the items in a non-returnable container. Frozen items can be donated. We appreciate all your help.


IT'S TURKEY TIME....well, sort of:

This Thanksgiving Season the members of our St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. Robert’s are collecting Gift Certificates and Scrip from Albertson’s, Lunardi’s, Safeway, & Molly Stones in lieu of frozen turkeys. Since some families do not have the facilities for cooking turkeys or may prefer hams, chicken or vegetables, we feel that scrip and gift certificates would be more appropriate.

We will still be giving our canned food as in the past. Non-perishable food can be left in the vestibule of the church.

You may write these certificates to St. Vincent de Paul and either mail them to the Rectory or drop them in their Rectory mailbox. Thanksgiving food and certificates will be given out on Saturday, November 17th.

Thank you for your support,
Wally Mooney, President



St. Robert’s Children’s Choir has begun a new season. All St. Robert’s youth from 2nd grade up are invited to participate in the Children’s Choir. For more information, call Ms. Baldomero at 583-5065 or Mr. Kelly at 589-2800.

The adult choirs for 10:30, Noon, and 5:30 Masses have begun rehearsals for the Fall, Advent, and Christmas seasons. (We have the shopping malls beat for earliest Christmas music!) Come join the fun—all voices welcome! Call Pat Kelly for the 10:30 and 5:30 choirs, and Manny Ortiz for the Noon choir at 589-2800.



Sister Ita wishes to thank, very sincerely, all who helped to make her Boutique a success, especially those who donated items for sale, helped with publicity, priced the items, helped to setup, sell and tidy up.

"God Bless you All!"


"Do this as a remembrance of Me."

52 Reasons to Come to Mass Every Sunday.

1. To worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in our own parish and around the world.

2. To show our kids how much our faith means to us.

3. To be united with all the billions of Catholics down through the ages who have shared in this same sacrifice and celebration.

4. To worship the Son of God made flesh.

5. To adore the Father as "the source and the end of all the blessings of creation and salvation".

6. To thank the Son for His redeeming sacrifice.

7. To glorify the Spirit, our advocate in heaven.

8. To recite the Gloria, one of the greatest hymns of praise ever composed.

9. To meditate upon all the saving events of Holy Week and the Resurrection of Easter Sunday.

10. To take time out from all the hustle and bustle of the week to experience a glimmer of the sacred.

More to follow in the weeks to come


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We welcome you into our parish!

Daniel DeLorenzo
Jorge and Zelma Urzua and family
Elvira Ronzani

If you’re new to St. Robert’s, we ask that you complete a registration form (found in the vestibule of the church). Drop it either in the collection basket, the mail, or at the parish office. We will send you a New Parishioner Packet with information about the parish, its organizations and groups.


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MERCY BURLINGAME: All 6th, 7th and 8th grade families are invited to Mercy High School’s parent-student Open House on Sunday, November 4th at 1:00 p.m.

RETROUVAILLE: A program for troubled marriages. November 16-18. A weekend program will be held at the Vallombrosa Center in Menlo Park. All couples who have physically or mentally "packed their bags" are invited to work on keeping their family intact. The weekend, and twelve, two hour follow-up sessions, will help couples heal and renew their families. The program is presented by three couples and a Catholic Priest. Call Ed and Peg Gleason (415) 221-4269; or for registration or information. More info about Retrouvaille is at

THE SISTERS OF MERCY at Marian Care Center in Burlingame will be holding their 7th Annual Christmas Boutique on Friday, November 16th and Saturday, Nov. 17th, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, in the Activity Room at Marian. The proceeds of the sale go to the Activity and Recreation fund for our retired and disabled sisters. Refreshments will be available.


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Family Pancake Breakfast THIS SUNDAY, Nov. 4th after 9:00 a.m. Mass, in the Hall. The proceeds will benefit Outdoor Education for the 6th grade class of St. Robert’s. Cost is $3.00 for adults, $2.00 for children, and $10.00 maximum for each family.



Monday, Nov. 5, at 6:30 pm. Contact Dan Uroz for reservations.



Saturday, Nov. 10th in Hennessy Hall. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. gaming from 7 to 11 p.m. $25.00 per person and $50.00 per couple, which includes a buffet dinner, complimentary champagne, Initial Buy-in. No-host Cocktails. Call Steve Belluomini or Dan Uroz for reservations and information on how to sponsor a table.



Interested in selling your crafts? Rent a table at our craft night, Monday, Nov. 12th. The cost is $20 for 1 full table and $10 for half a table. Sign-up is on a first-come basis paid with a check. Please call Patty Ciraulo.

Please join us for dinner - Doors open 6:30 pm. Cost is $10 by Nov. 5th, and $13 after Nov. 5th. Call Barbara Mitchell for reservations.


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Help Our School Win $2,000

If you have shopped at Tanforan, please turn in your receipts at the info booth on the 2nd floor at Tanforan, in the vestibule of the Church, or the Rectory. For questions or more info Call Linda Cuddy.



Did you know St. Robert Church and School participates in the eScrip program? This is a very easy way for us to earn money to benefit our Church and School. Here’s how it works:

You register your Safeway Club Card, Visa, Master Card, ATM, Debit, Chevron Gas Card with escrip and every time you shop at a participating store e.g. Mollie Stones, Lunardi’s, Pak-n-Save and more we receive 2-5% of your purchase. It is a very safe program. No information is sold or given out. There is an annual fee of $10. We receive an average of $1,900 a month with our current 183 members.

Give them a call at 1-800-592-0942 on line at or check the vestibule for more information. Our Group number is 137045398. If you are an Albertson’s shopper we have a free Community Card that you show the cashier every time you shop. Albertson’s will give us 2-5% of your purchase. No tracking, no fuss. It’s easy!! If you would like a card or more info on how you can help us, call Linda Cuddy.


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300 Manresa Way
Los Altos, Ca 94022-4646
(650) 948-4491

Your Marriage: The Time of Your Lives
Retreat for Married Couples Nov. 9-11
Fr. Robert Fabing, S.J. and the Jesuit Institute for Family Life Staff

What Shall I Give the Lord For All He Has Given to Me?
Thanksgiving Retreat for Men/Women Nov. 16-18
Fr. Jerry McCourt, S.J.

Picking Up the Pieces
A day of recollection for separated and divorced Men and Women Nov. 17
Judy Zolezzi

Gratitude Means Service
Recovery Retreat for Men/Women Nov. 23-25
Fr. Thomas Weston, S.J.

P.O. Box 767
Danville, Ca 94526
(925) 837-9141

Men’s Retreat Nov 16-18
Strongly, Simply, Saintly
Barry Brunsman, OFM

AA Recovery Retreat Nov 23-25
Gratitude and Beyond
Gavin Griffith, OFM

ACDF Recovery Retreat Nov 30-Dec. 2
The Freedom of Forgiveness
Carol Mitchell, Ph.D and Peter Coster, MFT, MDiv.

The Mall or the Manger?
A Day on the Real Meaning of Christmas Dec. 5
Fr. James Hanley, S.J. (repeated Dec 8 or 9)

2300 Adeline Drive
Burlingame, Ca 94010-5540

"Community in Uncertain Times" Nov. 17th
Jim Neafsey, D.Min, and Catherine Regan, Ph.D


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MONDAY, November 5th
1:30 - 3 pm, 8th Gr. Cheerleading.....Hall
1 - 3 pm, Priest Choir.....Church
6 - 10 pm, Men’s Club.....Hall

TUESDAY, November 6th
3:30 - 8:15 pm, Religious Education....Hall
6:30 - 8 pm, Legion of Mary.....Library

WEDNESDAY, November 7th
7:30 - 9 pm, Bible Study....Convent Chapel

THURSDAY, November 8th
3:30 - 4:30 pm, Religious Education.....Hall
7 - 9 pm, RCIA....Convent Chapel

FRIDAY, November 9th
1 - 3 pm, Priest Choir.....Church

SATURDAY, November 10th
6 - 11 pm, Men’s Club Monte Carlo Night.....Hall

Sunday, November 11th
10 - 11:30, Fil/Am Choir.....Hall

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