St. Robert's Church Bulletin, July 1, 2001

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July 1, 2001
Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Dear Friends,

Wednesday is our nation’s 225th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence. The United States of America assumed its separate and equal status among the other sovereign nations of the world, knowing that it was entitled to do so by "the laws of nature and of nature’s God".

At the risk of their lives, the signers of the Declaration of Independence set forth fundamental Christian principles of civil government. Referring to the Creator (God), they mentioned that "all men are created equal" with certain rights which may never be alienated. The right to life was the first one that they mentioned.

The phrases, "[A]ppealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions," and "[W]ith a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence," the signers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor when they signed the great document.

Such words express the faith that these men had in God, and their respect for God-given rights and dignity.

In 1800, Charles Carroll, one of the signers, wrote about dangers threatening the new republic: "Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time. They, therefore, who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure,...are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.

Let us, then, pray that our country may experience a new moral awakening, a respect for the natural law given us by God, and always uphold the right to life of every human being, from conception until natural death.

Our national anthem’s final verse praises the Power (God) "that hath made and preserved us a nation." "Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust’".

God, bless America. Please. —Fr. Mark


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When Mass "Does Nothing For Me"

When we come to liturgy with faith, we are usually looking for something. Those who are excited about their faith are looking for a cause to work for. The tired or bored are looking for some inspiration. The lonely are looking for some company. The hurried and harried look for a little rest. Questioners look for answers. Those who grieve or hurt look for comfort. The faithful look for God.

One of the great mysteries of liturgy is that sometimes we find these things we are looking for and sometimes we don’t. I wonder whether people who encountered Jesus ever walked away without being satisfied? Off the top of my head, I can think of two examples from the Gospel of Mark. The first is that of the man with many possessions who ran to Jesus seeking eternal life (Mk 10:17-22). He was a righteous man who had kept the Commandments, but when Jesus challenged him to sell what he had, give the money to the poor, and then follow him, the man walked away sad, unable to detach himself from his possessions and his own agenda.

The second is that of the Pharisees who demanded that Jesus show them some sign from heaven (Mk 8:11-13). Jesus wasn’t that kind of a showman, and he refused.

Sometimes, if Mass is not fulfilling for us, it’s because of the way we approach it. Sometimes, as we’ll see next week, the problem can be with Jesus’ own disciples! - P K


The Parish Office will be closed on
Wednesday, July 4th


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7/02 Monday 6:30
Jerilyn Porrazzo †
Raymond King †
7/03 Tuesday 6:30
Theresa McGowan †
Gene Rodriguez †
7/04 Wednesday 9:00 People of St. Robert's
7/05 Thursday 6:30
James Dombrowiak †
Edward L. Feliciano †
7/06 Friday 6:30
Johnny Ordoveza †
Sylvia Grech †
7/07 Saturday 8:30
Paul & Rosina Vella †
Raymond Figolah †
7/08 Sunday 7:30
People of St. Robert's
Robert Nastor (L)
Pasquale & Maria Teresa Aloise †
Joan O'Donoghue †
Joseph Russotti †


07/07 Saturday 4:30 Douglas Finigan & Patrick West
07/08 Sunday 7:30
Julie Hageman
Lauren Jauregui & Stewart Sinks
Desi Masga & Jennifer Molina
Linda Khoury & Nathan Pisani
Emily Albertolle & Tara Alvergue


All are invited to attend our annual 4th of July Mass at 9:00 am on Wednesday, July 4th. Our celebration will continue with fellowship, muffins, juice, and coffee. A wonderful way to thank God for the freedom with which He has blessed us.



Isaiah 66:10-14 Galatians 6:14-18 Luke 10:1-12, 17-20



On Saturday, July 7th, and on every First Saturday of each month, we are invited to quietly sit before Jesus, present to us in His Most Blessed Sacrament. Exposition takes place following the 8:30 am Mass and continues for one hour, closing with Benediction at 10:00 am. The love of Jesus will surround us and fill our hearts. He tells us,

"Come to Me you who are heavily burdened.
I will give you rest".



As a parish Community we pray....

For children throughout the world who do not experience the love of mother and father. May our hearts and arms open to them.



Trevor Anthony Paulbitski,
Malia Anne Krueger,
Karla Fernanda Flores, &
Edlyn Rose Morrow



Kimberli Ellestad and Ryan McCarthy



We pray for the ill: Sharon Aiello, Marilyn Arancibia, Bastiaan Blumenthal, Marcia Bourne, Ann Burns, Arthur Candia, Josie Clarke, Nan Connolly, Ana Cosgaya, Imelda Daly, William & Sandra Dill, Adela Florez, Elsie Grech, Randall Guerro, Denise Hawald, Joanne Johnson, Koret Koelman, Muriel Krause, Josephine Lavoie, Marky, Rosemary McHale, Jeanne McHugh, Terry McLeod, Catherine Okulove, Sister Nancy Reynolds, Mary Shick, Cyndy Smerdel, Kari Stellino, Don Vickery, Walton and June Dickhoff, Gordon Sinks, Daniel McHale, Ilaria Belluomini, Elenore Morgan, Shirley Ann Rider, Lee Shick, Marion Macris, & Bernie Voight.


Our sincere sympathy to the family of
Sebastian Gabriel Mandap
Alfred Fourie
Peggy Bisagno

who died recently.


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Will you be going to a far-away island this summer or a country thousands and thousands of miles away? WELL, THEN you could be in the running for a prize from the Church bulletin that is furthest away. Just drop it/them by the rectory on your return. Winner will be announced at the end of summer.

For help in finding nationwide Mass times and locations while you are away this summer please use the following:

Call 1-800-Mass Times (1-800-627-7846)
or internet at



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Thanks to everyone who turned in their Tanforan receipts. We came in 2nd place, winning $1,500!!! Check the bulletin to see if we will be participating in August.


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BIBLE STUDY will resume September 5th.

THE FESTIVAL IS COMING!!! Plans are being made for this year’s annual parish festival "Tropical Nights", which will be Sept. 28th - 30th and, as always, the Barbecue and Food Booths are in need of your help. Several people are needed to work in these two very popular booths and everyone from the parish is welcome to help. Most shifts are for two hours, but you can work for as many hours as you would like and on all three days if you wish.

This year’s menu will include those all-time favorites - delicious barbecued tri-tip steak sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, hot dogs, polish sausages, Domino’s Pizza, nachos, soft drinks, candy, and much more.

If you can help in any way, please contact Louise and Ray Downs.


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TUESDAY, July 3rd
6:30 - 8 pm, Legion of Mary.....Library

9:00 am, 4th of July - Mass.....Church
(Parish Office will be closed)

SATURDAY, July 7th
9 - 10 am, Eucharistic Adoration.....Church 

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