St. Robert's Church Bulletin, January 2, 2000

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January 16, 2000
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time


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Dear Parishioners,

At the Masses I celebrated last weekend, I mentioned the importance of Mass in the life of a Catholic and how we should have the proper reason for coming. This week and next week are excerpts from a wonderful article on the Liturgy that will help us have the proper reason for celebrating the Eucharist.

Rituals play an important part in our lives. Rituals always follow a pattern; they are well organized. For example, we may know exactly what to expect at a family Thanksgiving Day - - the greeting, the table setting, the blessing of the food, the eating of the delicious meal, the cleanup after the meal, the ways of relaxing after dinner, the eating of leftovers later at night.

The liturgy of the Mass is also a ritual. It is a renewal of the New covenant in Jesus Christ. It enables us to enter into the events we celebrate. The ritual of the Eucharist is a patterned remembering of the events Jesus enacted for our salvation. The liturgy of the Eucharist does three things: 1. It celebrates, recalls and re-enacts the past of our salvation, the life, death and resurrection of Jesus; 2. It celebrates the paschal mystery which is happening right now in our midst; 3. It looks to the future of the Church and the ultimate human destiny of a risen life with the Lord in heaven.

Father Ring


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Today at Mass we hear about the vocation—the calling—of a young boy, Samuel, and about the first of Jesus’ apostles. Jesus would later say to the twelve that "you did not choose me, it was I who chose you."

Samuel had to be directed by Eli the priest to respond to God by saying, "Speak, Lord, your servant is listening!" And Jesus, when questioned by John and Andrew, "Teacher, where do you live?" (which actually meant far more than "What is your address?" but more like "Where do you have your life?") responded with, "Come and see."

"Speak Lord, your servant is listening," is what all people today should still be praying, especially the young who are wondering which direction to take in their life. People speak of a vocations crisis today—of the smaller numbers of young men and women entering the priesthood and religious life. The problem is not that God is not calling people, but that people, like Samuel in our first reading, don’t recognize their vocation and don’t know how to respond to the call.

There are seminaries and religious communities today which have "Come and See" days for men and women to take a look at the various ways of responding to God’s call. If you who read this have ever been inspired to consider religious life, then do what Samuel did, and in the peaceful stillness of your heart respond with, "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening." God will gently take it from there.

--Fr. Mark Taheny


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Monday 8:30 Christie Curran †
Tuesday 6:30 Sister Adele Hancock (L) †
8:30 Thomas Begley †
Wednesday 6:30 Sister Imelda Lawlor †
8:30 Thomas Begley †
Thursday 6:30 Karen Munozploza (L)
8:30 Sister Xavier †
Friday 6:30 Patrick Donegan †
8:30 Lillian Feisenthal †
Saturday 8:30 Oscar Moniri †
4:30 Manuel Falzon †
Sunday 7:30 Annie Keogh †
9:00 Nancy Camilleri †
10:30 Joseph Kuczka †
12:00 People of St. Robert's
5:30 Carlo Giovanni Foti †

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Jonah 3:1-5,10; 1 Corinthians 7:29-31; Mark 1:14-20


Last year at the MacWorld Expo Convention, the CEO of Apple Computers told the eager conventioneers that for Apple to succeed in the market, it was not necessary that Microsoft crumble. His point was that the antagonism between Apple and Microsoft was, in some ways, false. They did not have to see each other as adversaries. This week, the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins. Some times we see other Christian churches and communities as adversaries or competitors because people leave Catholicism to worship with them. As much as that hurts, let’s get past that. In the one Baptism of Christ, we are brothers and sisters, not competitors. We are family, however divided. Let’s pray that the Spirit enable us to reunite this family. - Pat Kelly

*We pray for the ill: Tony Coogan, Koret Koelman, Terry McLeod, Adela Florez, Ana Cosgaya, Peter Capodonicco, Rosemary McHale, Arthur Candia, Bastiaan Blumenthal, Muriel Krause, Sister Cabrini, Don Vickery, Jeanne McHugh, Catherine Cook, Ann Burns, Imelda Daly, Margarita Velez, Marky, Marlyn Arancibia, Marcia Bourne, Sandra Dill, Millie Blazina & Randall Guerro.

Special prayers are requested in the coming weeks for Cyndy Smerdel who has been diagnosed with cancer.

We welcome into the family of God: Brian Bodeker & Marco Orellana who were baptised in christ

*We pray for the repose of the souls of: Mary Figone, Frances Souza & Alice Wagner.

As a Parish Community, We Pray

That each member of the human family, regardless of age, gender, race, color or creed may find protection not only in civil law, but in every human heart.


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We welcome the following people into the Parish Community of St. Roberts:

David and Femarie Tapper and family
Gustavo and Maria Isabel Menendez and family
David and Debra Germenis and family
Mary Flynn
Carlos & Josephine Gutierrez

We welcome you into St. Robert’s Family

and ask that you complete a registration form (found in the vestibule of the church). Drop it either in the collection basket, in the mail, or at the parish office. We will mail a New Parishioner Packet with information about the parish, its organizations and groups.



This strengthens the Church at home by supporting Catholic communities in need. The Appeal provides funding for priests to celebrate Mass in remote towns, so people can receive regular nourishment from the Eucharist and the Word of God. It supports religious education programs aimed at broadening adults knowledge and handing on the faith to the next generation. It helps small parishes keep their doors open. Help strengthen the Church at home. Give generously to the Catholic Home Missions Appeal.

The Archdiocese official Directory is available in the vestibule of the church in the magazine rack.


During the week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the Thirteenth Annual Interfaith Prayer Service for Victims of Abortion will be held at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 999 Brotherhood Way, San Francisco, on Friday, January 21st, at 7:30 PM. Refreshments will follow the service. Let us join with other Christians, seeking to bring God’s healing to our world.



Give your Christmas cards and all greeting cards new life. Send the fronts of the cards to:

St.Jude’s Ranch for Children
100 St. Jude St.
Boulder City NV 89005

Proceeds from the cards the children make will be used for outings they cannot otherwise afford.



The Emergency Prayer Network continues to pray for specific problems that require a concerted effort due to their critical nature. To facilitate the network, please call Michele Pipinich. The network then prays frequently for the next 72 hours. We would appreciate a return call with the outcome so we can praise God for His faithfulness.



The St. Elizabeth-Maltese Society will hold the annual St. Paul of the Shipwreck Feast on Feb. 12th at St. Elizabeth Church in San Francisco. Location is at Somerset St. and Wayland St. Mass will be at 5:00 p.m. A sit down dinner will be held. For tickets or further information contact Mary Sammut (415) 467-1686 or Margret Agius (415) 468-0971


The Parish Office will be closed Monday, January 17th, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday.


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SCRIP order forms are available in the vestibule, rectory or school office. Support our school! Developing funds for Developing minds.

Cash for Class: If shopping at Tanforan, save your receipts get your receipts stamped at the information booth on the 2nd floor. Our school has a chance of winning $2,000. You can also turn in your receipts to the school or rectory office.


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SUPER BOWL POOL - Since the 49er’s are not in the Super Bowl, you need a reason to watch the game. Call Rob Aveson if you are interested in being in the pool. $50 a square - pays $750 a quarter. Proceeds go to St. Robert’s School.


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6:30-8PM, Legion of Mary.....Library
6:45-8PM, Religious Education .....Hall

6:30-8:30PM, Kindergarten Parent Mtg.....Hall
7-9PM, RCIA.....Chapel
7-9PM, Parish Council.....Library

10-11:30AM, Fil/Am Choir.....Hall

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