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"Building for a New Century"

March 16-17, 2002

Issue #9

Spectacular - $1,000,000 … & Beyond!

What a night! In a classic team effort, the Leadership Committee, Team Captains and Volunteers of St. Robert's all contributed to another outstanding Report Meeting! The tremendous response of the St. Robert's family continues, as nearly $180,000 in gifts and pledges was reported this week! Our amount of gifts and pledges has climbed to $1,025,737!

A most sincere thanks to all who have participated so far, and a reminder that there are many members of the St. Robert's community who have not yet made a gift! Keep in mind that because of this excellent response, the funds raised from this point forward will enable us to use less of our own savings. Let's not miss this great opportunity!

How high can we go?

This campaign began in mid-January, when the days were short and Spring seemed an eternity away. Now, (just two months later) as the new season arrives, we are in the campaign's final weeks! We've come so far in such a short time, and a significant question remains - how high can we go…$1.2 million, $1.3 million, etc.? If you have not done so, please make your own gift to "Building for a New Century."

A Very Special Thank You…

There have been many people whose participation has been instrumental in this campaign's success, and we have tried to recognize them in our weekly updates. In addition to our campaign volunteers, the parish administrative staff of Kathy Hanley, Judy DeMartini, and Lilo Quintana has played a critical role. From helping with the daily operations to producing the many mailings and preparing for the weekly meetings, their support and assistance have been incomparable (not only that, but Kathy and Judy have also participated as campaign volunteers!).

Approaching each task with a wonderful spirit and an optimistic attitude, they have been key to the tremendous success we've enjoyed. A most heartfelt thanks to each of you!


Last week, we listed our campaign Volunteers. Much to our regret, however, we wrote an incorrect first name for one of these wonderful workers. We apologize for that error and recognize her correctly below:

Mary Bourne

Please Pray for the Success of this campaign!

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