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"Building for a New Century"

February 16-17, 2002

Issue #5

Our Message…

This past week, distribution of our campaign informational materials - a letter from Fr. Ring and the campaign brochure - began, and it will continue over the coming weeks. When you receive yours, please take the time to read through them, and then pray about your decision. Be open and responsive when our campaign volunteers - one of your fellow parishioners - contacts you. Please know that all gifts are greatly appreciated.

Orientation Meeting Held - Great Response!...

This past Tuesday evening, our Volunteer Orientation meeting was held for the "Building for a New Century" campaign. The response was very good, as nearly 100 members of the St. Robert's family attended. Everyone was provided with an overview of the campaign timetable and organization, and Campaign Co-chairs Margot Giusti and Rob Aveson took a few moments to highlight the reasons for their involvement (George Lynch and Jim Ruane are also serving as Co-chairs). Fr. Ring requested that all in the St. Robert's family:

  • Reflect upon the significance of this effort for the future of St. Robert's - it will help meet our current needs as well as prepare for our future;

  • Become familiar with the project and become an advocate; and,

  • Commit to volunteering for this effort and attend the Report Meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 in Hennessy Hall. Remember, the time commitment is short - the campaign ends by Easter!

Questions & Answers…


Are down payments on our commitments mandatory?


No, they are not mandatory. However, in order to help us begin work on the Parish Education Center as soon as possible (we are scheduled to begin this June), a 10% down payment is requested.



Is my pledge legally binding? Suppose I cannot keep my pledge?


The pledge is not legally binding, it is only a statement of intention. Situations may arise - such as job changes, illness, different financial obligations, etc. - which may prevent one from completing a pledge. If this occurs, please let us know. Your pledge may be deferred and begun again at a later date, upon your determination.

Please Pray for the Success of this campaign!

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