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"Building for a New Century"

February 9-10, 2002

Issue #4

Orientation Meeting this Thursday…

Everyone is invited to the campaign Volunteer Orientation meeting this Tuesday, February 12th, at 7:30 P.M. in Hennessy Hall. You will meet many of your fellow parishioners, learn about the project and how you can help!

Fr. Ring will outline our need, and the campaign plan and time commitment (only about five weeks) will also be explained. Our goal is to give all members of the St. Robert's community the opportunity to participate. We invite you to come and learn about the "Building for a New Century".

Team Captains...

A group of parishioners has assumed the leadership role of Team Captain in this campaign. Let's thank them for their commitment to St. Robert's and "Building for a New Century."

John Alvergue

Andy Ferris

Dolores Moynihan

Bob Balestieri

John Fitzpatrick

Manny Ortiz

Steve Belluomini

Jerry Huddleston

Al Reyes

Pat Byrne

Nancy McMahon

Al & Jo Romine

Dennis Dorn

Maureen Mitchell

Joe Simpson

Rusty Duffey

When combined with our 25 Leadership Committee members, over 40 parishioners are lending their efforts to "Building for a New Century"!

Questions & Answers…


Are you asking for a gift over and above my weekly offering?


Yes. Through the years, St. Robert's has been blessed by being able to meet its basic operationg expenses through the parish offering. The needs that we are addressing in the "Building for a New Century" effort total more than what is collected on Sunday; that is the reason behind our campaign. We are striving to raise $1,000,000 and emphasizing that this a campaign, and not just a collection.



Are families on fixed incomes, one-income households or young families supposed to commit at the same levels as those with high incomes?


We are asking for equal sacrifice, not equal gifts! Your gift should be a reflection of your commitment to St. Robert's and all parishioners are being asked to give because everyone deserves the opportunity to participate. St. Robert's is our Church; together, we can make this campaign a great sucess.

Please Pray for the Success of this campaign!

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