Saint Robert Parish Athletics

In order to avoid disagreements or misunderstanding, even though this is a training league, all basketball rules SHALL be followed. This should be a time of learning and fun for the players.

National Federation of State High School Association Rules and PPSL Girls and Boys conference Basketball Rules (Cubs and 5th Grade Lions) apply with the following exceptions:


PLAYER PLAYING TIME: Ten (10) players or less, each player will play a minimum of two (2) full/complete quarters. Eleven (11) players or more, each player will play one (1) full/complete quarter. (Full/complete quarter is from the start of the quarter to the end of the same quarter, not half of one (1) quarter and half of another quarter). Remaining playing time shall be shared as equally as possible among all players


MOVING PLAYERS: Training can pull from training. Schools that have two (2) or more training teams may move a player only once (1) per season to make six (6) players on a team. If necessary, due to team size or other player issues to pull a player more than once (1) (to make six (6)), if and only if, ALL other available players have been pulled at least once (1) during the season.


LENGTH OF GAME: Four (4) eight (8) minute quarters - running clock.


FREE THROWS: player will be allowed to move in three (3) feet from regulation free throw line. The clock will stop for the first free throw of each game. The clock will restart when the player completes his/her first free throw.


SCORE / STANDINGS: This is an instructional league. No scores or standings will be kept by anyone.


BACK COURT PRESSURE: No backcourt pressure at all. Once the ball is rebounded, the defense must set up behind the mid-court line.


EQUIPMENT: Women's WBL leather ball will be used (women's size).


REFEREES: League will assign referees.


COACHES: Only two (2) coaches will be allowed on the team bench.

Please remember, this is strictly a training league.