Saint Robert Parish Athletics

The National Federation of State High School Association Rules apply with the following exceptions:

All teams in all divisions will be guaranteed at least seven (7) games.


STARTING: If five (5) players are present the game must begin at the scheduled time pending the end of the previous game. The game must begin no later than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled league time pending the end of the previous game. (PENALTY-FORFEIT). All players must be present and listed in the score book (last name and number) at the start of the game. Once the game has started a late player may not participate in the game. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

A coach must notify the opposing coach and referee before the start of any game when any player in attendance has forfeited his/her right to participate in a league game due to missed practices or any disciplinary action as governed by their school sports policy.

If referees are not present, teams may use volunteer referees, as long as both teams are in agreement. The game may not be protested due to a decision or call made by the referee.


MOVING PLAYERS TO PREVENT A FORFEIT: A player may fill in only once per season for a team. Athletic Directors Must report to the league commissioner the name of each player pulled up. A coach must notify the opposing coach when moving up a player. Penalty for not reporting names will be a forfeit. Players may fill in to make six (6) players as follows:

Varsity can pull from 8th Sharks, Jr. Varsity or 7th Sharks
8th Sharks can pull from 8th Sharks, Jr. Varsity, 7th Sharks, or Eagles
Jr. Varsity can pull from Eagles or 7th grade Sharks
7th Sharks may pull from 7th Sharks, Eagles or 6th Lions
Eagles may pull from 6th Lions, Cubs and 5th Lions
6th Lions can pull from 6th Lions, Cubs or 5th Lions
Cubs may pull from 5th Lions
5th Lions may pull from Cubs or 5th Lions


UNIFORMS: Uniforms must have numbers on the front and back of jerseys. No technical will be called for illegal numbers. If there is a conflict of colors, the home team is responsible to change to an acceptable color. All players on a team shall wear like-colored uniforms consisting of shirts and shorts. T-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts in like-color or white only. Like-color being defined as matching the main color of the shirt, not the trim on the shirt or the shorts. All team members on the same team who choose to wear T-shirts under his/her uniform must wear the same color. They must all be white or they must all be like-color. Also, different shade of the same color will be permitted. Example: Shirts are dark blue - under shirt is light blue. Players shall not wear undergarments or tights which extend below the uniform shorts unless they have written medical or principal authorization. Biker shorts/compression shorts may be worn. They must be worn under the uniform shorts unless the biker/compression short is the team uniform. The biker/compression short must be the same color as the dominant color of the uniform short.


PLAYERS RESPONSIBILITY: Players cannot wear jewelry, for example; barrettes, pins, pieced earrings, friendship bracelets. Players may not chew gum or have extremely long fingernails. Long hair must be tied back. Players must wear shoes with non marking soles.


COACHES: Coaches are extensions of the school and faculty and must wear appropriate clothing when coaching. Coaches may enter the court during a time out. Coaches may coach from the sidelines. They are permitted to move around but must stay within three (3) feet of the team bench. Only two coaches and one scorekeeper are allowed on the team bench. Coaches must wear shoes with non-marking soles.


HOME TEAM RESPONSIBILITY: The home team is considered the official scorekeeper (Referees have the authority to judge if the scorekeeper is qualified). Whenever a discrepancy occurs between the official score and the visible scoreboard, the official home book shall be considered the official score.

  • Home team must provide a visible scoreboard, qualified scorekeeper, qualified timer, score book, horn and directional arrow.
  • Home team must provide the game ball.
  • ALL GIRLS TEAMS AND BOYS CUBS AND 5TH LIONS will use the girl's WBL leather ball (girl's size). A list of approved balls is listed in the back of the Official High School Rule Book.
  • BOYS VARSITY, J.V., SHARKS, EAGLES AND 6TH LIONS will use the men's leather ball (regular size). A list of approved balls is listed in the back of the Official High School Rule Book.
  • Home team Athletic Directors/Commissioners must call in the scores to their League commissioner no later than 24 hours after completion of games. (EXAMPLE; Last basketball home game is over at 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday. Scores for that day must be called in by 5:00 p.m. on Sunday.) PENALTY: FORFEITURE OF ALL GAMES PLAYED THAT DAY.


THREE POINT PLAY: Three point play in effect.


PRESS RULE: There is no 30 second clock. Ten (10) second rule and back court rule is in effect.

  • PPSL COMPETITION RULE: (The PPSL Executive Board has received numerous complaints concerning teams "running up" scores. For the 2005 Basketball Season the PPSL Executive Board has adopted the following Competition Rule which is intended to allow all participants to improve their basketball skill and to compete with a sense of sportsmanship.).
  • This rule shall be invoked when one team achieves a lead of 20 or more points.
  • This rule shall remain in effect until the point differential has been reduced to 12 points or less.
  • While the Competition Rule is in effect, the team with the lead shall:
  • Discontinue the use of any press on any in-bound pass past the imaginary line which extends from sideline to sideline at the top of the key by the basket the team is defending, and
  • Upon a loss of ball control, must not attempt or establish any defense above or beyond an imaginary line which extends from sideline to sideline at the top of the key by the basket which it is defending.
  • If, at the discretion of the referees, the team with the lead does not abide by Rule 3 above, the referees will issue a warning, then may call a technical foul on the bench and award 2 free-throws and the ball to the other team. Alternatively, the referees may, at their discretion, after a warning, call a technical foul on the defensive player violating the Competition Rule and award 2 free-throws and the ball to the other team. A technical foul called on a player for violation of the Competition Rule shall count as a personal foul.
  • LIONS AND CUBS: No pressing on any inbound pass taken out in the back court. Additionally, once possession is established, the defense must set up behind the mid-court line. Defensive players must go on the other side of the mid court line. If rule is violated, ball will go out of bounds where play started with a warning to the defense. A second violation in the same quarter is a technical foul on the defense. One warning per team, per quarter shall be in the guideline used by the officials. Example: Team A and Team B are both warned by the officials in the first quarter. The next violation by either team that quarter will result in a technical foul. Exception: Press rule is not in effect for the final minute of the 4th quarter in regulation play, or the last minute in the first over-time, or during any part of sudden death.


CHANGE OF POSSESSION: The game will begin with a jump ball at center court. Overtime will begin with a jump ball. Thereafter, possession of ball will alternate throughout the game. Official scorekeeper will be responsible for seeing that the ball is being alternated correctly.


LENGTH OF QUARTERS: Varsity/8th Sharks - 7 minutes; Jr. Varsity/7th Sharks - 6 minutes; Eagles/6th Lions - 6 minutes; 5th Lions/Cubs - 5 minutes. Length of half time for all games will be 5 minutes. Time between games will be 5 minutes if possible. If games are running late, referee will use their discretion.



  • Varsity, Jr. Varsity, Sharks, Eagles: All players must play one full/complete quarter (Full/complete quarter is from the start of the quarter to the end of the same quarter, not half of one quarter and half of another quarter). All players are entitled to valuable playing time. It will be the responsibility of the home book to notify the referees by half time, who has not played.
  • Lions, Cubs: All players must play one full/complete quarter regardless of how many players there are. (Full/complete quarter is from the start of the quarter to the end of the same quarter, not half of one quarter and half of another quarter).
  • Complete Quarter Exception: A player who is removed from the game due to an injury, when and if able to re-enter, remaining playing time will be left up to the coach's discretion.


TIME OUTS: Each team will have three (3) time outs per game. A two minute time out will be allowed for injury and will not be charged to the team. One time out will be allowed in overtime. Any time outs remaining to a team after regulation time is over and will be carried over time period. One extra time out will be allowed in sudden death.


TIE GAME: Overtime shall be two (2) minutes. If game is still tied, sudden death will prevail with the first team scoring two (2) points the winner. Example: Team A scores free throw, and Team B comes down the court and scores a basket (2 points). Game is over, Team B wins.


ENDING THE GAME: Following the end of the game, the referee verifies the score by signing the score book. The game becomes official when the score book is signed. No change of score shall be made thereafter. Teams shall not be required to remain on the court during the referee's verification of the score following the game.



  • Coaches, Athletic Directors or designated representatives are responsible for the behavior of their teams and fans at all games.
  • The Athletic Director or designated representative from the home team has the authority to eject any fan/spectator from the premises for any unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • The referee or umpire has the authority to eject any coach, parent, fan or player from the premises for any unsportsmanlike conduct.

If coach, parent, fan or player refuses to leave, the match or game will be forfeited.


GAME CHANGE: Any game that is changed or re-scheduled by someone other than the PPSL Commissioner for that sport is an automatic forfeit.

I, __________________________, the parent/guardian of __________________________ acknowledge that my child has received a team uniform. I have inspected this uniform and have found it to be in good condition. understand that normal wear will occur. However, I agree to accept responsibility for any uniform jersey that is stained, ripped, torn, and has a missing button, or that has sustained any other than normal wear. I understand that it is my responsibility to replace any such uniform as defined in the school handbook.

A $60 deposit (check or money order) is required at the time you receive your uniform and will be returned once the issued uniform is returned in good condition.

Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________________

Uniform issued for: (circle appropriate sport)





This portion to be completed by Uniform Coordinator

SHIRT#_________ SIZE________ SHORTS# _________ SIZE ________




Original to be held on file with deposit by the Athletic Board