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St. Robert's parish athletics is open to both St. Robert school students and CCD students. CCD students are welcome to participate if they are not involved with their own school athletics. Signups will be available at St. Robert school and at the CCD office. Parents are also needed. Please, let's all support our athletes.

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St. Robert's believes that participation in the St. Robert's Athletic Program is an educational activity that contributes to the physical, social and spiritual growth of the student/athlete involved; and therefore, develops the student/athlete as a Christian person.

With this in mind, the philosophy of the St. Robert's Athletic Program accordingly strives:

  • To provide a positive atmosphere in which both students/athletes and coaches enjoy the athletic activity.
  • To learn to play the sport in the correct manner.
  • To provide a program in which players are taught to RESPECT opponents, officials, umpires, themselves, and each other.
  • To learn the value of teamwork, dedication, cooperating and making and keeping commitments.
  • To promote and become true "Student/Athletes"; They are at St. Robert's for education first.
  • To create athletes who have been developed to their maximum potential in skill and attitude at this level.
  • To have fun and compete.

This philosophy is to be apparent in all grades. There will be continuity in every aspect of the game on all teams.

Coaches are volunteers devoting their time to helping our children.

Competition is vital to sports, but don't confuse competition with winning. The effort made is the competition, not the final outcome of the contest. Win or lose, if you've given your best effort, you have been successful, and that is what is important.

Athletic Board

Tony Clifford


Athletic Director

Matt Butler


Assistant Athletic Director

Rachelle Henley


Baseball Co-Commissioner

Dan Uroz


Baseball Co-Commissioner

Laura Davis


Girls Basketball Co-Commissioner

Anne O'Donoghue


Girls Basketball Co-Commissioner

Dante Venturi


Boys Basketball Co-Commissioner

Nick Paras


Boys Basketball Co-Commissioner

Kai Holloway


Track Commissioner

Mrs. Chris Sigillo


Volleyball Co-Commissioner

Gina Sigillo


Volleyball Co-Commissioner

Christina Gaines


Cheerleading Commissioner

Anne Marie Philpott


Commissioner At-Large

John Marty


Athletic Board Treasurer

Karen Martinez


Athletic Board Secretary

Brian Verna


Athletic Board Facilities Coordinator

Matt Toomey


Equipment/Uniform Coordinator

Joanne Bartolotti


Religious Education Representative


Women's Guild Representative

Matt Gaines


Men's Club Representative

revised: Oct. 21, 2013

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'Parent / Player Evaluation' form

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