St. Robert's School Alumni Information Screen
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Thank you for wanting to participate in our school database.

Please read this page completely prior to submitting any information. Include ONLY the information that you want entered into the Internet Alumni database. All information will be entered into the WEB site and available to all persons accessing St. Robert's Internet WEB site (WWW.SAINTROBERTS.ORG). This information will not be sold by St. Robert's School.

You probably have one of the following two requirements:


You have previously submitted a signed 'St. Robert's School Alumni - Internet Request Form' and wish to modify your information in your classes data base.

  • Simply go to your Class Page and E-Mail your Class Rep (if indicated) with the changes. Go to your class page by selecting this link: 'go to Alumni Menu'. If a Class Rep has not yet been designated, E-Mail the School Alumni Coordinator with the changes via our E-Mail page.





You wish to submit an initial request to be entered into the School Alumni Database.

  • If you wish to display, key in your information, then print out the Internet Request Form . Fill out the form by typing the information on the screen, print the form, sign & date the form, then either mail or FAX the form to St. Robert's School (as indicated via the Instructions on the form). Select this option: 'go to the Keyed in - Preferred Request Form'.
- - - OR - - -
  • If you wish to display, then print out a 'Generic' Internet Request Form to be filled out by hand or given to another classmate. Select this option: 'go to the Hand Filled Out - Generic Request Form' to display, then print out the 'Generic' form.

Comments for the School Alumni Coordinator, please visit our E-Mail page.